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  • Jul 9 '13

    Hmmm this is a tough one. I work in peds onc. It seems as though we go through periods of many children dying and it's really rough. I try to focus on the kids that are doing well on my days off. When the really sick ones do die I firmly believe that their suffering has ended. I'm more sad for their families. As time goes on, many nurses become less sad.
    Don't be afraid to cry with the families if your patient passes but it's also not healthy to take your work home with you either (sometimes out of your control)
    I wish you the best, sometimes only time will help the sadness pass

  • Feb 3 '13

    Yes, I am in the night/weekend program but we still have to meet on campus during normal working hours sometimes. Classes are typically 5-8 p on Tues. and Thurs. and you have the option of clinical days on Saturday or Sunday.

    The only thing that catches people coming into the program off guard is that they are really never told that this is more or less a self study/taught program. It's not like you go to class and listen to lecture and then you are tested on the instructor's lecture. NOT THE CASE!! You have to read, read and then read the book. It does get a bit overwhelming at times because there could be 15-20 plus chapters assigned for one test. But that is where you have to figure out effective studying techniques that work for you.

    As far as the instructors (really loud sighs) that's a hard one. Some of them are great and some not so much. I do think it takes a really thick skin to deal with some.