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  • Sep 18 '15

    I don't suck it up. I take my breaks. I am no where to be found during my unpaid lunch. I tell the charge nurse I'm going on lunch and they see me again in a half hour. I pee and drink and eat. I eat quickly and sometimes while charting. I drink out of a water bottle on my COW while walking to my next patient's room. But I do it. I haven't had doctors talk down to me much, but when I have, I quickly correct them. I do the same with family members. "I'm happy to try and help you, but I need you to adjust your tone. People are trying to rest and heal here, so we don't allow yelling." People will only walk all over you as much as you let them. And I'm not considered a jerk for any of this, because I am nice and respectful to people, and help other nurses when I have time to.