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  • Mar 17 '13

    I often will talk with the patient about the goals for the day. I find out theirs, they find out mine, we discuss priority of care and usually this results in a compliant and more pleasant patient. Often the challemging patient is difficult due to unrealistic expectations, a sense that they are not kept "in the loop" and a feeling that they do not matter and have not been heard. A conversation about goals for care helps alleviate all of that in one conversation.

  • Jan 2 '13

    FYI, "Drunk" or Acute ETOH Intoxication is a Medical Diagnosis here. Be careful with that because practicing medicine is frowned on as well. I always chart the symptoms I see in any impaired ER patient(strong alcohol/ETOH smell on breath, sluggish gate, impaired gait, slurred speech, acute urinary incontinence, nausea with emesis, etc.) Just a thought.

    Also, if you felt the patients were in ANY danger, it should have been reported that night- you are obligated to protect your patients. If the NM felt she needed medical attention, she should have sent her to ER or EMS, but the BON would definitely want to know why this wasn't reported timely to protect patients. Sounds like the failure to protect patients went much further than her, and throughout witnessing licensed staff. Just my thoughts.

  • Nov 27 '12

    I wonder if the question was reversed and they asked me what animal does your current manager remind you of?

    I would have to say a snake, or a slug, or a worm! Yep I know not really animals but these are the descriptions that came to mind when I thought of my previous manager

  • Nov 27 '12

    Welcome to the site, and congratulations on your upcoming accomplishment, as I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors... Aloha~

  • Nov 25 '12

    The housekeeping duties that have to be done by the nurses just baffles me.. "aint nobody got time for that."

    Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix) - YouTube .. sadly but this is the theme song for nurses these days.

  • Nov 25 '12

    Here's a decision tree. Are you dead? If so, it is too late. Not dead= not too late. Since you are posting, I will assume you are not dead! Seriously though, I've had successful students from ages 19-67. Success is more about perseverence, good coping skills for stress, support from outside when possible, and hard work. Some of my strongest students are returning students.

  • Nov 25 '12

    Thank you all for your input!!! I just purchased the app called "Fast Facts in Critical Care" by Kathy White and the IABP and Cardiac Surgery one to go with it! I really appreciate you all replying! I will brush up on all the stuff you mentioned!! I start Oct 22, so I will update you on how it's going! My preceptor is a grad student at our university and is our tudor in critical care (which I am just finishing up now)! He loves to help and teach students so I'm very excited!

  • Nov 25 '12

    I would read NANN's articles about Necrotizing Entercolitis, Feedings (types and techniques), and respiratory problems that a newborn can have (pphn, bpd, etc).

  • Nov 25 '12

    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    Oh but if only I could be the "person" my Boston thinks I am!

    No, actually I have a low threshold for crap in my diet, and watching my Boston, ah- nevermind.... I keep a "crap-free" diet, both literally, and metaphorically.

    So, being any type of bulldog is out for me.
    Bulldogs are not the only ones on that diet. Our Doxie's head straight for the litter box when I let them in the basement. Or the stuff they leave behind on the lawn.

    No, I don't wanna be an animal.

    But truly, that answer tells the interviewer something.

    If they are animal-worshipers, they think I'm a terrible person and would never hire me.

    When someone mentioned appliances, I thought of this old saying: " Women are like crockpots and men are like Microwaves".

  • Nov 25 '12

    A kitchen appliance-well I would have to be a kettle-always on the boil LOL

  • Nov 25 '12

    I would have asked, what kind of animal are you looking for?

    I bet a Honey Badger, South American Sloth, and a Jack Ass wouldn't be great answers, but lions(preferred) sleep like 20 hours a day- and spend the other 4 eating, mating, and hunting(I'm game for that!).

    I bet Charlie Sheen's answer would have been: "I have Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA!"

  • Nov 25 '12

    Welcome, Nikita! Congrats on your upcoming graduation and the new job!

  • Nov 24 '12

    Hello everyone!!

    I would like to thank everyone on this website for all of the interview and other informative topics here in the NICU section.

    I just want to let everyone know that if your dream is to become a NICU nurse then follow it with your heart and do not stop!! I was told even by family that I should do 2 years of med-surg so I will have "experience" then apply to a NICU job. All I wanted was to become a NICU nurse!! During OB rotations I begged my instructor for double clinical's and built kind of a relationship with all of the NICU nurses at the hospital and especially the manager and practitioners. I volunteered for the NICU reunion and let me tell you it was one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to! My favorite moment that I tell everyone was when this little girl 6 years old showed me a picture of her when she was a peemie placed in the hands of her father!

    Later on I actually acquired an internship for the NICU unit at the hospital and with the help of some of them found the number to my states Children's Hospital's NICU manager!

    Long story short I am officially a NICU Nurse!!! Now to prepare for the 6 month training!!

    Btw I'm one of two guys on the unit haha..

  • Nov 24 '12

    I have both. I prefer the book by Merenstein and Gardner. I feel like it goes into way more explanation then the other. Plus one is ALL in outline format (Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing) and the other isn't. So it depends on what you are wanting the book for. When we took our test as new grads I would have loved the outline format because we were looking up a lot of questions, it was a take home test and it was very hard. But if you want to sit down and read something, and you want it broken down better, then I prefer Merenstein and Garder.

  • Nov 24 '12

    Best advice is to answer as many of the multiple choice questions as you can. It is a timed test. Brush up on basic algebra and word problems. It is hard to study the vocabulary but the test is really close to what is in the website. I had to take aptitude over, did fine with the reading comp. Skip what you don't know. I start clinicals in Jan 2013. Good luck.