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    I do agree that there are some nurses who definitely have it out for the new grads. I think it is totally wrong to abuse our next generation of nurses. I myself have been a nurse 20 years and I usually LOVE teaching and helping new nurses. However, I have found that often times the new grads come onto the floor with a "know it all" attitude. You might have a BSN(I'm a diploma grad) from a prestigious college, but NOTHING compares to what you will learn on the job. Also, the way some of these new nurses treat patients and families is they are a nuisance. You can't teach respect in college. It's something Mom and Dad should have taught you while you were growing up. Just goes both ways!!

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    I have been a nurse for 20 years and I've never been good at peripheral IV sticks! But I've always worked as a team player and willing to help my fellow nurses. In return,I've never had a problem finding another nurse to help me out.

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    I've worked nights for about 3/4 of my 20 year nursing career. I loved night shift. You really learn how to be a confident,self-sufficient nurse because there is less supervision. It does take a toll on your body though. Really important to eat right and exercise.

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    I would send an email just to check on the status.