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    Yes Rajasaurus.... we are in the same boat! When I read your post on the thread you started, I thought it was me writing it! Yea I'm looking for a place to live/share too....any leads? I'm going to put up a post on the FB page. And we can keep in touch there!

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    Hi! I'm from San Diego... so I guess you are here too... Well, the only thing I know about CSUSM is that it's a 2 year I didn't apply there for that reason. I was looking for 16 month maximum programs... but if you have already started it and you like it thus far, I'd say, finish it! And San Diego isn't a bad place to be.... I really have no gage as to which school is better or if it really matters where you get your BSN from in the end... but don't get me wrong, sure would be nice to have someone who knows my hometown around!

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    Hey I was accepted to the Spring 2013 ABSN! I'm coming from California, sans car. i'm thinking to live in Oak Park/Forest Park or somewhere near there. Is it totally unrealistic to rely on public transport or biking to get to the Loyola Maywood campus? Anyone know?