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    OMG Thank you so much for writing this article. I graduated nursing school in October, passed my NCLEX in December and am starting in a New Grad RN program in the ED in March. It's been a whirlwind of events and I'm still trying to grasp that I am a licensed nurse with a job! I was expecting to be searching for a job for months and months. I basically got lucky with the timing. Applied online, and then saw them at a career fair where I was able to give them my resume and ask them to look for my application. I got a call a week later to come in for an interview. Anyways, since I passed the NCLEX, went through the interview process, and was offered this job- I've been FREAKING OUT. Everything you talked about in your article I've been worrying about. But I haven't even started the job! One of my professors once talked about a syndrome New Grad's have: "Imposter Syndrome" We feel like we don't belong and are posing for something that we're not. I definitely feel like that. I worked as a server through nursing school and I sometimes had "serving nightmares" where I would wake up and wonder if I forgot to bring one of my tables a refill or if I forgot to put in an order. Those nightmares are the worst and it's only food service!! I can only imagine how they'll play out when work starts. I so appreciate you're transparent honesty, it gives me courage to go into this New Grad Program not afraid to ask all the questions I need to ask to be confident in my abilities. You sound like an awesome nurse btw!!! Thank you so much!!!