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    My school requires us to take ERI Total Testing and pass with 5 over national average to graduate. Has anyone taken this type of testing and did it help on the NCLEX? We have been told that if we pass ERI with 5 over NA, we have a 95% chance of passing NCLEX first try. Any comments, good or bad are welcomed.

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    I am currently a Senior, ready to grad in May. I wanted opinions and feedback from anyone who took ERI Total Testing in their school. It does not matter if it is good or bad, I am just gathering info. Thanks to everyone for their opinions

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    I was wantign to see about getting information form other students and or graduates about ERI testing we are using at our school. If anyone has ever used the ERI Total testing, I would like to hear from you. There is currently an issue with my class about national averages. When we took our last test, a national average of 52 showed up at the grade page. However, our instructor is telling us the national average is actually 60. We are required to pass the ERI test with 5 points over national average. There is quite a bit of discussion on what the current national average actually is so I was wanting feedback and discussion from others about this type of testing.