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    La1717. The calculations book (clinical calculations 7th ed by Joyce Kee & Sally Marshall) will be in the package/box of books that you will have the option to purchase. But that will be explained to you at orientation. If you decide not to buy the package/box of books since it is kinda pricey then you probably will be able to purchase the book separately. Some of us went on Amazon and ordered "dosage calculations made incredibly easy" which kind of explains calculations in an easier way.
    The first semester ended yesterday for us and yes we did have clinicals. I was assigned to South Shore campus.

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    Going into the first semester I was excited, scared, and nervous, just because I didn't know what to expect. It is very challenging as everyone has told me before I started the semester. Simply because its a lot of information you have to retain in a short amount of time, you have to get use to thinking a certain way (they call it critical thinking), a lot of reading and the grading scale is slightly different. Anything under an 80 is considered failing.
    For my class going into the first semester we were told to concentrate on dosage calculations before the semester. Because the professors do not teach this. We were tested on dosage calculations 2 and 1/2 weeks after the semester started and who ever didn't pass would have the opportunity to try 1 more time. However they would not be able to administer meds to the patients in the hospital until they passed.
    A couple of the other campus professors posted what they wanted you to read over the break. Which gave them a heads up on the reading and allow them to be slightly ahead. Unfortunately my professor didn't do that and we all felt like we were playing catch up with the reading.
    What helped our class was getting together in study groups several times during the week to study.

    Well Congrats to everyone that got accepted. Fingers crossed for those that are on the alternate list. Rest and enjoy your summer. Try not to stress so much over the summer, you will have enough time for that during the semester.
    If you have any more questions feel free to ask hopefully I can answer them.

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    Quote from skrytus
    Does anyone know how much the package of books cost? I think 500-600
    I got accepted to the spring 2013 class which started Jan and we just ended the first semester on May 1st . The package of books that we had the option to purchase was $622.00, which included text books & codes for ebooks. But during orientation you will get a paper showing the books you need and how much they are selling them for. I decided to buy the package but there were some of my classmates that didn't purchase it and were totally fine. So I guess it will be whatever you decide is best for you. Hope this helps!

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    Very inspiring...Awesome goal! Thanks for sharing.

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    Extremely nervous!

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    Hi I just purchased scrubs today from Uniform City in Tampa. The brand that I purchased was Cherokee and for that brand the color is actually called Port Wine. However they did have other brands but the colors was not listed as port wine (just wine) so the colors were slightly different (some lighter and some darker).
    Hopes this helps

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    Excellent....Love it!! Cant wait to read the rest, I'm hooked!

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    Hey everyone I am new happy you all have a feed about this. Congrats to everyone that got accepted! I also got accepted to south shore campus/afternoons, wasnt my first choice but happy to get accepted. Wondering has anyone else got assigned to south shore afternoons?

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    I think you should take the 2 separate courses, both together can be a bit overwhelming. I have already taken both A&P 1 & 2 and Micro and it was alot of information to learn. So dont rush it and make sure you stay on top of studying because it is easy to get to confused, overwhelmed or even lost on some of the topics. Hope this helps...good luck!

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    Congrats!!! Your post was very helpful. Thanks for sharing!