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    Can you break down the clinical process to me please? What exactly does it consist of? I'm about to start RNSG 2514. I like to look ahead at the whole picture and kinda get an idea on what to expect as several others do on here.
    I've gotten a job opportunity offered that consists of a "charge nurse" position at an assisted living facility. Sooooo basically I will be overseeing my shift Fri-Mon. I'm torn on whether to take this position d/t clinicals requiring an RN/BSN.
    Congratulations on your accomplishments!!!

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    what additional books or resources are good in helping with these exams?

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    I am currently in the online program. It's helpful to see students just ahead of us speak of what is to be expected. Im kinda curious about the clinical portion. How many hours of clinicals are we expected to do? I have a full time job in home health and am getting anxious and worried on how I'm going to manage this into my already busy schedule. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, what's the ISBN to Kaplan Nclex book that you found helpful?