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    Marijuana in itself is not a gateway drug. People smoke for different reasons. Some people smoke and like the high and want something more, but marijuana is not a gateway drug because it is truly unlike any other drug. If marijuana is a gateway drug, then cigarettes will cause you to evenutally smoke crack.....come on.

    It's the people not the drug. People smoke crack because they like it, they use meth because they like it, they smoke weed because they like it, they drink because they like it, they snort cocain because they like it, they shoot heroine because they like it. Not because a previous drug taken has some type of chemical enzyme that encourages you to try something else. lol, there are plenty of folks who stick with weed. The gateway drug thing is so played out.

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    A lot of ppl say "would u want your nurse/doctor/lawyer etc etc high on drugs?"
    My reply is this, do you know what they do? Geez guys you would be AMAZED at the amount of doctors and lawyers that I know that snort and smoke and shoot. I mean hell, you guys know, how many nurses do you know smoke cigarettes???? How many doctors do you know smoke cigarettes?
    Legalizing marijuana or keeping it illegal will not keep folks from buying, selling and using it, nor will it keep folks in the medical profession or any other profession from buying, selling and using it.

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    It seems as though, if you did work in a nursing home for a year, the hospitals will be more apt to train you in acute care or whatever else seeing as though you have worked for a year. I've heard that you should get your foot in the door one way or another. I also understand that in Kentucky they are fazing out LPN's in hospitals, I'm not sure if they're doing that around the country though, in Arizona, they are fazing out LPN's in hospitals as well I think.

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    Quote from GaylordFocker
    I am a student in Kentucky and our school has a 98.6% Graduate employment success rate as well as Lifetime and Nationwide graduate employment assistance. So I would think that your school would help you.

    Hey, do you go to Louisville Health Institute by chance?

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    I hate the stories of how that one person in the class has a comment about everything talked about, how usually that same person has had some family member who has had such n'such disease, condition etc.
    I hate the person who thinks they know more about nursing than the professor does (ok, well I've never taken a nursing class but i have taken A&P I).
    I hate the people who constantly ask "is this going to be on the test"......geez anything that is covered in class is fair game to be on the test. I had an economics professor who would like at you like you're crazy if you ever asked him if something was going to be on the test...hello!

    I hate when people come in late, and then go to the professors desk and rummage through desparetely trying to look for hand-outs already passed out.

    I hate when ppl come in late and loud.

    Cell phones...need I say more?

    I hate the people who after receiving tests back they're like "what did you get what did you get" and it turns out u got a higher score than they did and they get pissed and make excuses why they didn't get a good grade.

    I hate when people ask fifty million questions about what this is and what that is...For instance, a student raises their hand and says, "what is it when i have [put symptoms here]" Go to a doctor, geez luiz.

    I seriously hate it when ppl are disruptive in class and rude to the professors. Geez this went on so much at my school, the way these people would talk to their professors is unreal...showing no respect at all. :angryfire

    Umm that's all i can think of right now

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    Most of the time you can't see someones tongue pierced unless they're a big mouth (and I mean that literally). I don't open my mouth really wide when i talk or laugh, most people didn't even know I had my tongue pierced unless I was playing with it. You can also buy those clear barbells that are even harder to see. It also depends on where the hole is on your tongue. Some people's are closer to the front, some are closer to the back. It's pretty much virtually undetectable unless someone JUST got it pierced and they talk really silly. I've had my tongue pierced twice in two diff spots, the only piercing i currently have is my nose ring, and I would not wear that as a CNA or a future nurse......U never know with some patients man...

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    I'm not sure about Washington, but I'm sure that you would have to attend a state approved nurse aide training course. In Kentucky 75 hours was required, it cost about 300 bucks. Here's some contact info for you...I can't find anything on their website about the requirements for CNA's.

    (800) 525-0127

    Mailing Address

    Washington State Department of Health
    Health Professions Quality Assurance
    P.O. Box 47865
    Olympia WA 98504-7865

    Physical Address

    Washington State Department of Health
    Health Professions Quality Assurance
    310 Israel Rd.
    Tumwater WA 98501

    I hope that helps some.

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    Hey, what's upper?

    I can't really call myself a nursing student, because the class has not begun yet. I live in Tucson, AZ (born and raised in KENTUCKY, that's my home), I've been out here in Tucson since January of this year. I've got about 56 hrs of college credits, I am a CNA in the state of Kentucky, working on getting it transferred to Arizona. Currently I work in IT, basically I monitor systems and get paid pretty decently ($12/hr), it's a gravy job, but it's quite boring and I know the Arian in me is not going to allow me to sit at a computer for the rest of my life although the money is good.
    I thought about nursing a long time ago, the school I was going to (local community college in lexington...LCC) told me that there would be a 3 year waiting list (they only admitted students for fall semester only), unless you had a 3.5 or above (which I did not), so I got kind of discouraged about nursing.
    I am now recently divorced :hatparty: , and I'm making a new life for myself. And in so doing, I am going to get into SOMEBODY'S nursing school. I have put my name on the list for Pima Medical Institute in Mesa, AZ. I talked to the admissions rep who said that the first nursing class begins in July (it's a new program at that school) and that I would start approx. 8-12 months after that (i will know for sure in mid-July of this year). That will give me time to save up money and move to Mesa.

    Anyhoo, I'm 24 years old. My SN refers to my dredlocks....

    Umm, ok, so I guess this will suffice.....