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    ^ Thanks for the response, cristaleena. MPH/Public Health Nursing was my first choice before I even finished my BSN. But with the economy right now, had to re-think about it. Thanks for the info.

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    My question too. Not finding too many (job) opportunities online as compared to NP.

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    Stumbled upon this thread. The last response has been a quite awhile but interested in this ACHIN. Is this only offered in UCSF? What are the job opportunities for CNS in public health?

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    Hello everyone!

    First time to post here and glad to find this thread for CNS student. I am on my first semester and slowly learning more about the scope of practice of the CNS. I am actually at a fence on being CNS. I am thinking of transferring to FNP, mainly because it is more in demand than the CNS.

    For those who have CNS experience or those that have been in contact with many CNS, what really are the job opportunities out there? Some of my colleagues have asked me about my course and a few of my previous supervisors are not even aware of CNS. Makes me think if I am making the right decision. I know that ultimately it is not about which job is in the demand, but it is an important factor to consider. Have you guys gone into this phase as CNS students?

    Also, if there are any CNS reading this, when you work in your facility or hospital, do you experience plenty of politics in your position such as when you initiate programs for your unit? Its a thought that crossed my mind because I hate "politics" in organizations and I'm not the "political" type of person.

    Thank you in advance for your inputs!