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    I just looked mine up on DOH in fl and the exam results are up and it says pass!!!!! Yaaayyyy!!!! It's official I passed!!! =)

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    Quote from bw2012
    Oh yea i forgot to mention my kaplan scores: Diagnostic 54% qt1.60% qt2.54% qt3.44% qt4.54% qt5.50% qt6.67% (this was the easiest) Readiness 66% Sample 1.58% Sample 2.52% Im waiting to take qt7 & sample 3 a week before scores are all over the place im up down up down just like a rollercoaster like my emotions right now
    They are looking good to me for the most part honestly I think maybe just stay calm while taking them I never looked at the time or number when taking the practice and maybe if you have to what I did was speak the questions out loud like I was conducting a class or something and went through each answer choice so I can hear it out loud it helped alot

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    Quote from bw2012
    Congrats again chanel RN. your story is really inspiring to me when i was reading it a picture of myself popped in my head because i was always the avg student in my class, short attn span, dont retain info that good, feel week in content, wanted to give up in my critical care roatation, failed my exit exam then passed the second time, and the list goes on now. now im sitting here a month away from nclex asking myself how do i prepare i feel like i dont know anything i took trainer 6 made 67 looked at my weak area which is physiological adaptation and basic care and freaking out because i feel like those are core content areas dealing with med surg....ahhhh i just dont know how to go about studying....
    Thank you! So we are alot alike if I can do it I'm sure you can. I was weak in those same areas so I would go to the Qbank and narrow down my questions to only basic care and comfort whatever else I felt I needed more review in and took questions only in those areas... I think if you can think about the disorder or surgery or whatever and say to yourself what can I do for this client to help them or how would I go about treating them if this happens it'll help that's what I did alot just thought to myself no books no videos and picked a topic such as Addison's disease and thought to myself how does this client present? What can I do for them? What can I teach them? That's what helped also those mnemonics and acronyms helped soooo much especially for the infection control and mother baby. Let me know if you have any other questions =)

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    THE PVT REALLY DOES WORK!!!!!!!......I just looked up my examination status on the FLBON and guess what!?!?..Overall examination status = PASS!!!! yaayyy

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    Quote from Maria L, BSN

    Thank you so much!!! I am so relieved! And just in the nick of time because my hospital called me today and "reminded me" in no uncertain terms that its "getting to the last minute and I have to have the license by next Mondays start date". Luckily the state confirmed today that "while they can't tell me I passed, I will have a license by the end of the week." And the pop up remains good, so I'm feeling better! But I have to say, for me, the exam was a emotional roller coaster ride and I'm glad Kaplan challenged me cause Saunders alone would never have cut it. Thank you everyone so much for your support and if anyone has specific questions or would like any advice I would love to provide it! Dubs2012 and Chicago: we are finally RNs!!! Thank goodness! And I will continue to send my best wishes and prayers for all those yet to test.
    Who'd you call I'm curious now?!? And what did you say?

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    Quote from babykulit2000
    Wow! You truly inspired me! Thank u soo much!! Good luck on your career! And you really do deserve to be a nurse!
    Thank you and it was my pleasure to share the experience with you all it was only fair since reading so many other different experience posts

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    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    I just love this post and I'm so glad you passed I love what your boyfriend wrote on the white board too - so sweet and inspiring
    Thank you and congrats to us now it's time to do away with those NCLEX review book and celebrate!!!!!! =)

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    Quote from Kuyafern
    Now that is one inspirational post! You know what this really gave me a pretty good boost. I myself cannot concentrate on one single topic. I'm taking the Hurst review right now and I have to take breaks between the videos to get myself concentrated. I also get low self esteem when I get such low scores but from what you've said, I think I will be just fine. Thank you for your post, and I know that you have a great future ahead of you.
    Thank you so much. Yeah I paused the videos alot too... Sometimes I fell asleep during them lol I would sometimes bring my computer and play them in the car while I drove wherever which helped sometimes too. I think you'll be fine stay focused and keep your eyes on that PRIZE!

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    Quote from kemifair
    Dubs thats nice encouragement I need it after taking nclex 9 times I need to hear it. I read everything u said. I said to my self why is it so hard for me to pass I know my content I did well in school. Any advice please let me know.
    I say don't give up. What study methods have you tried? You of course must find what words for you and I would highly recommend Kaplan honestly because I feel that they really prepared me for the exam with their questions when I was taking NCLEX I felt like I was taking one of kaplans Qtrainers. Don't let the number of times you took the NCLEX discourage you from your goal of writing that RN behind your name though it would be easy for me to say you can do or you got this so I won't say that because I'm sure you've heard that alot but I will say this pray (if you believe) dont stress and do your best give it your all most of all stay calm

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    I would like to share my experience of NCLEX with you all since others have been kind enough to share their experiences and maybe I can be one to impact someone and make them feel a little more at ease...I Have separated this into sections so if you dont want to read the WHOLE thing you can just scroll to the area of interest:

    Today (Jan. 15, 2013) I took my NCLEX @ 8AM! started out rough...I kept waking up in the middle of the night.. I went to bed at around 0930/1000 last night and woke up at 1100 fell back asleep but then woke up again at 3AM then I NEVER FELL BACK ASLEEP! =( so as I start to get ready for the exam I start freaking out..thinking what if I fall asleep during the test?!?...ahhh!!!

    Anyways I get to the testing center and PRAY in the parking lot, leave me phone and other belongings in my car...I am the first one to get checked in and the first one to get seated at a computer....I take my time reading EVERY single word even through the tutorial!!!! This is where i PRAYED AGAIN!....(Im telling you it helped me soooo much during the test) then this is where the TEST began! OMGosh I nearly had a heart attack my heart pounded out of my chest like I could feel it pounding in my feet!!! question three I got my first SATA question ....may wasnt as hard as I thought it would be....ok...(im thinking in my head maybe I'll do better than I expected!) later in the test i decided to cover up the time and question number (was getting to nervous...i prepared myself to get the whole 265 questions) after more questions I started to think oh man...I am about to fail these questions are crazy?!?...after an hour or two (cant remember) into the test I the screen changes...i got scared....but it was just asking me if i wanted to take a break or not LOL i took at least 2-3 minutes deciding if I wanted a break and winded up not taking the break! lol as soon as I chose not to take the break I had the sudden urge to PEE sooooo baaaaddddd!!!!!! but i wanted to stick it out and take a few more questions....more SATA questions popped up....1 med calculation.....1 EKG..more SATA (14 in total)...I used one whole erase board and had to request a clean one to finish with other questions on it...i peeked at the timer and the question number #73....oh my gosh!!!!!! anxious!! I said Id answer a couple more questions then take a break and go to the after answering the next two questions ALL i can remember is the screen going blank and the survey popping up WOOOOWWWW!!!!!..... Im finished reallly?!? this was the test that I prepared weeks and weeks for to sit for 2.5 hrs and only 75 questions?!? Was this going to be enough?! (man i hope so) I hurried out the testing center went to my car checked my phone was about to do the PVT but decided to wait till I got soon as i walked into the house I was on the phone with my boyfriend and checking the computer simultaneously!!!! There it was the..."good pop up"....OH DO I HOPE THE PVT IS REAL!!!!!

    While in nursing school I was the average kid literally I DIDNT make straight A's I didnt always ace my test...but I worked hard and did my best and that was all I could my school we had four semesters FALL & SPRING semesters so while over the summer I would forget a lot of the things we learned in the SPRING semester which sucked alot!!! so it felt like while I was studying for NCLEX i felt like i was teaching myself these things ALL OVER AGAIN! We took the HESI exam on the last day of class and on that I failed horribly on it...I forgot the exact score that I got but it stated that I may need remediation and needed to test again...(I still passed my class though) That HESI exam discouraged me sooo much but of course I didnt let it depict my future! after Leadership is when I began my studying for the NCLEX. I graduated on December 10, 2012 and that when I full force studying started. I was given the opportunity to gather my classmates together and offer them a free strategy seminar from KAPLAN which helped with tips for NCLEX and then I received the KAPLAN course for FREE....the details are on the website so if you are short for cash check on the details to take apart of this opportunity!

    the way I studied was a bit different than most....I have a very short attention span and undiagnosed ADD so I cant read a whole NCLEX review book because I will be thinking of other things lol so what I did was first listened to all of HURST review....HURST is great for content review Marlene makes things soooo much easier to understand....I made sure that I understood the reason WHY a disorder has the s/s it does so it would be easier to recall them later...then i did about 50-200 questions throughout the day and reviewed rationales...when it was time for me to do KAPLAN i did all the questions on there to make sure I get a goo amount of review ...I didnt really watch the content videos because they were VERY dry to me and again SHORT ATTENTION SPAN scores for KAPLAN in case you're curious:

    Diagnosis test: 68%
    QT1: 60%
    QT2: 64%
    QT3: 58%
    QT4: 58%
    QT5: 52.47%
    QT6: 74%
    QT7: 72%
    Readiness test: 60%
    Qbank 100% done: 62%

    So for those of you who feel that your scores suck or are too low...dont be worried because look at mine?!? lol KAPLAN is great for their questions since the screen is set up like NCLEX as well as the questions really prepare you for the actual thing...I would totally recommend this to anyone out there. I tried to read sauders although it was a bit rough because it was just sooo much to read but then again it is an easy read and easy to understand....there were time when I would break down and cry and just tell my boyfriend maybe I wont be a nurse maybe this isnt for me...its too hard....becaus after some of the Qbanks I would 43% or 50% would make me feel like a failure....what Im trying to say it you cant let these scores get you down they are just practice!

    Sorry for the lenghty post....but I thought this would help someone who might be on edge about things....To anyone getting ready to take their NCLEX or even waiting for their ATT to schedule an exam and havent begun studying....dont are prepared or you wouldnt have made it this far!!! you might be saying to yourself..."HA! yeah easy for you to say"...i used to say that all the time but REALLY dont worry....I was once in your shoes before...take deep breaths and be CONFIDENT in yourself....dont put too much stress on yourself as well because that will make things that much harder..

    Another thing that really helped me was drawing on my dry erase board "YOU worked HARD for this YOU CAN DO IT! Chanel (My last name), RN" this reminded me that I will reach my goal in the end I took a picture of this and put it as my screen saver and background on my phone, My boyfriend also wrote on the white board at his job (because he works at the hopsital) Date: 1/15/13 day: Tuesday Nurse: Chanel, RN TECH: Vlad patient Goal for today: BE CONFIDENT AND PASS...that made me feel much better about it as well...I also had great people surrounding me supporting me and giving the boost to keep going and telling me I WILL PASS!! not to mention I had a job on the line that was depending on me passing on ther first try! lol I hope this helps?! (sorry for any typos as well...Its late, im tired and trying to type this fast lol) Thanks for reading!

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    Quote from babykulit2000
    Congrats on passing! I'm scared coz my qbanks has been averaging from 45-65% I hope I'll pass on February just like you
    Im sure you will pass and you will be on the other side of NCLEX land soon enough!!! If I can do it then I think anyone can!!!...Believe in yourself....Im going to post my Nursing school/NCLEX journey soon (it wont be a long post) just so people can not feel discouraged like I did...

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    My Qbank score was 62% overall and I did all of it! My scores ranged from 48%-86% with a 60% on the readiness score.

    My advice is do not feel discouraged....There weres times for me as well where I felt as if I wanted to give up, times that I actually sat down and cried and felt that I was going to fail and that I would disappoint sooooo many people....keep pushing!!!...just have confidence in yourself and STAY CALM!!!!! according to Kaplan having a score from 60-65% is great!! if you have that score or higher you should feel great!

    This is going to be your big day to shine and become that RN that you have dreamed about!!!.....

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    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    Dubs2012, I'm so happy you passed!!! I took it today - honestly, for me, it was so hard that I was sure I failed. I left crying...however I did get the good pop up so I'm thanking God. I think I might have made it I had 75 questions, it took me 3 hours, and many select all that apply, but no med questions, no OB or Peds. Honestly Kaplan was hard but worth every penny and all my studying in Saunders paid off. I will be back to say more about my experience, but right I'm going to try and calm down. I am so greatful to everyone. **Hugs to you Dubs and everyone else who took it today!**
    YYAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Maria L, and C H I C A G O_RN we PASSED!!!!! this is wonderful to hear!!!...I am just sooooo happy to say that this is now behind me!!! =)

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    Quote from bw2012
    yea me too but im using nclex 3500 for more alternate type questions. Was the sata questions easy like you would know what to pick or was it hard like kaplan??
    I didn't think it was too bad like you can think your way through it comparable to some of kaplans only because some of kaplans were pretty straight forward

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    Quote from bw2012
    Congrats RN I knew you was going to do it! Did you feel that kaplan helped you?
    Thank you! Yes Kaplan really does prepare you for the NCLEX in my opinion the set up of the screen was just alike so it kinda put me at ease feeling like I was at home doing Qbank and what not! Just wish Kaplan had more alternate and SATA questions