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    My stats are - 3.62 GPA, 3/4 preferences, 82 on the TEAS, and the .4 bump - and I got into the Dallas campus

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    Everyone check their emails! I just got mine!!!!

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    I applied to the Dallas campus

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    I've heard from different people that the bump weighs differently. I have a 3.62 GPA, 3/4 first preferences, and an 82 on the TEAS and the bump. I've heard the bump acts like another first preference A, and then also I've heard the bump adds those points to the GPA, but then I heard that it doesn't get counted if the GPA is higher than 4.0 with the bump. So if you have a 3.7 and you have the bump it is only counted as a .3 bump because it cuts off at 4.0.

    Has anyone else heard differently?

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    Thinking about it I'm glad I'm on this forum so I know when others got their emails, just in case I don't get one. If I wasn't on here I know I would be waiting so anxiously. But I know everyone on here will get an email!

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    But at least we don't have to do anything while we are waiting. The wait to hear the TEAS results was probably a harder wait.

    Are most of yall taking classes this semester? I took patho last semester at the Denton campus. I'm taking some fun classes, Medical Terminology and a computer course at a community college this semester.

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    Also you have to get an A in both lecture and lab to be considered for the first attempt.

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    Quote from ambrekai
    Hi everyone!! I'm a current J1 student at TWU Dallas. Good luck to all of you as you wait for acceptance! It's a rough time but try to remember to relax and breathe - this is the last time you'll be able to do so!

    I wish you all the best of luck! I'm here for questions if you have any.
    So this is kind of a silly question, but have you seen any students with piercings/tattoos? I have tattoos and my ears pierced a couple of times. I am fully expecting to have to wear sleeves the whole time. But I was wondering have you seen any instances of people being told to cover up?

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    I can't see your blog URL?

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    So does anyone actually know how TWU sends out the acceptance letters? Do they send out a batch of emails to the students who have been accepted, and then wait to hear back, and then send out another batch and so on and so forth. And then do they send letters or emails to the people who were not accepted or put on the wait list? And do they only send emails to the accepted students or do they send them letters also? Good luck everyone!

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    I took Pathophysiology in the Fall when I retook my history and government class. I took it at the Denton campus with ****. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I got a B but if it was the only course I was taking I would've been able to make an A for sure. I've heard if you take it at the Denton campus it's a lot easier than the Dallas/Houston one. It was interesting but nothing like A&P and micro, we were just berated with information.

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    Does anyone on here have the .4 boost from the 32 hours at TWU?

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    Everyone who gets in should write their stats! I'm applying for Fall 2013 and would love to know how most people stand that are accepted.

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    Hey all! I took the TEAS in August as a practice as well. I got a 78.7% and I'm going to definitely take it again. I studied with the study guide they sell in the TWU book store and highly discourage it for anyone else. There were so many typos, especially in chemistry!! I am going to study with the ATI study guide this time. I was also thrown off by the weird plant and atmosphere questions on the TEAS. Did anyone else get questions like these?

    Currently I am retaking government, history, and financial and quantitative literacy - and then also pathophysiology. I think most of the people in the patho class applied for Spring 2013.

    If I get A's on the classes I'm retaking this semester I'll have a 3.621 GPA and a 4.021 with the bump. I have A's in all the preferences except for A&P2 (shouldn't have taken both A&Ps in the summer!)

    Does anyone know if I should apply after I take the TEAS late January? Does it matter if you apply early? I'm sooo nervous even now.

    I'm glad there's a forum with people in similar situations. I bet we'll all have stress ulcers by April. Good luck!