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    I having been working in the CCU for 2 years and there is an overwhelming amount of things you need to know. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions. If I'm not positive on something I always double check and if the person I ask doesn't quite seem to satisfy me I will go and ask someone else the same thing. I would rather ask a million questions then cause harm to a pt. Also I have the AACN book right next to my bed. When I get home if there is something that I'm not sure of I look it up. Let me reassure you I look something up almost everyday. But I can tell you I absolutely love my job. Also just stop what your doing and take a deep breath. We have all been there. Good luck

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    look into what's called I believe forgiveness loans for health professionals. I was recently told about this by a friend. She went for her BSN and from what I understand as long as you work for 4 or 5 years as an RN your covered. like I said I am not sure of all the details yet. Good luck and God bless.