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    Thank you for the advice!

    Update: I was able to get a job at a long term care facility for dementia. I am extremely grateful for it, too. My former instructor got me in touch with an employee there (also her former student). Like you stated, it is all about connections. I wish I could have gotten my foot in the door where I precepted, but that hospital seems harder to get into than Fort Knox!

    Even though the job market is bleak now, I think that will make all of us new grads more adaptive. It may take several moves before I find my dream job, but along the way, I'll be learning and making connections. Who knows, maybe I'll find something I didn't think I would love.

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    I'm a new graduate (May 2012) from an ADN program here in California, specifically the SF Bay Area. When I first started prerequisites, students were being hired during the end of their preceptorships, the sky was the limit. Fast forward 5 years and there are NO JOBS! Hundreds of applicants to a hand full of new grad programs. All the local hospitals want experienced (at least 1 year) acute care nurses. Some of my cohorts are leaving the state. It all seems so drastic. I decided to get my BSN while I'm job hunting and waiting for the tide to turn. At this point I'm considering applying to SNFs or clinic work. If I got a job working as an RN in one of these facilities, would that preclude me from a new graduate program at a hospital? I really want to be working, I miss taking care of patients, but I don't want to limit my options in the future.

    Any advice, information, or leads would be greatly appreciated. Or if you just want to commiserate, that's fine, too. thanks!