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    Quote from woodsyny
    Thanks cincinnursemary. The planning document has to be 1200-2500 words with EIGHT references. I have problems with some people at work but not just one person to write that much about and have 8 references!
    Where did you read about the words and the 8 references?

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    Where, oh where did you see the requirement for 1200-2500 words with the 8 references?

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    I know that the best advice I can give anyone is to not attend OU. This is out of control. Has anyone had contact with the instructor versus a TA? I will be contacting OU tomorrow. The assignments do not get graded until it is too late to submit the next one the way you think they want it, and if you get lucky enough to get them back, they do not tell you how to correct the assignment beyond "read the rubric". This is not an education, it is a crap shoot.

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    Thank you so very much. This is exactly the information for which I was looking. I appreciate your help. Blessings to you!

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    Thanks Emilyinsc -

    I was looking more for when fall reporting started, and if there was some major situation that brought it into existence.

    I appreciate your answer, though!

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    Hi All -

    I am honored to become a member of the group. I have an assignment that I am struggling with. I am researching Patient fall reporting. After hours of searching and not finding the information I need, I have come to the experts. Does anyone know where I can find information on when fall reporting came into existence? I also need to determine what circumstances may have brought this reporting about.

    I know that as a hospital we report falls to Medicare, but are there others to whom we are legally obligated to report?

    Your help is most appreciated. My searching has brought me a lot of good information, just not the details that I need.

    Blessings to you all!