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  • Sep 24 '13

    Quote from koolmaditz
    Amazon sells the access code as well, pretty pricy I think, but prob cheaper than what I spent for my stuff
    I have Music second session too, getting through Fashion right now
    Why do you have to take Fashion and Music? Is Fashion your cross cultrual credit?

  • Aug 21 '13

    Quote from DidiRN
    Me too!!! Sometimes I can't believe it's almost over! Is anyone moving on for a MSN or done for good?
    My original goal was to move on for my MSN. Not sure exactly which way I'll go but I need a long break from from school after this.

  • Aug 7 '13


    I am just finishing this class. Not a difficult class, just a different way of thinking. I found the first few weeks of information difficult to grasp. There are weekly readings, weekly quizzes, and discussion posts. There are also three tests. I was able to get the readings done in an hour or so, study and then take the quiz. The discussion questions were available on Thursdays. We have two books for the class: The Elements of Moral Philosophy, by James Rachels, 7th ed. edited by Stuart Rachels (McGraw Hill, 2011) ISBN: 978-0-07-803824-2 and The Right Thing to Do, by James Rachels, 6th ed. edited by Stuart Rachels (McGraw Hill, 2011) ISBN: 978-0-07-803823-5. I could have taken this class with a nursing class also. Grading not as picky as the nursing classes. Good luck!

  • Oct 26 '12

    I am in also. Just so its better than my Leadership hell I am taking now.