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    Quote from HMH62
    Will there be any resources available for finding a roommate? Rent is a little pricey and it would be nice to have someone to split it with!
    I would ask on the facebook page that someone created for y'all's class. Or on the general Texas State facebook group page. Were you at Texas State before you were accepted? Lots of people met roommates in the anatomy class they all took together.

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    We do clinicals all over - Scott & White, St. David's, and J1 you might go to a rehab unit around the RR/Austin area. There are also lots of other psych hospitals where you'll do clinicals in J2. It all just depends on what you're assigned to

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    CONGRATULATIONS to all who made it in!!! I can't wait to see all of y'all at Day One in August

    And for those of you who didn't hear the greatest news, do not give up! We had quite a few folks who were denied at first or waitlisted that ended up making it into the program. And if you don't get in this round, just try again next year! I would suggest retaking the TEAS until you have a great score, finish all remaining prereq's and/or retake some for better grades, and get experience in the hospital environment. There are always patient care tech (PCT or "tech) or clinical assistant (CA) positions available; lots of hospitals need help! Don't lose hope. And let me know if you want help!

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    I got my email at 4:15pm last year so you'll probably hear in the next hour or so. Exciting!

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    Less than 24 hours, y'all! Hang in there, and GOOD LUCK!

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    Quote from kinseybryn
    This wait is killing me too! I hate having to line everything up for financial aid, my work schedule in the fall, and everything else in my life without even knowing if I'm in the program yet. Terrifying!
    You'll know soon! Hang in there!

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    Quote from HopefulNurse2018
    Like the above poster said, the notification date is now April 1st. They updated their website to reflect that date. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) : St. David's School of Nursing: Texas State University
    : Texas State University

    One more day of waiting! Good luck every one!
    Did anyone else still not get a background check email?
    Sorry y'all, I totally thought they'd release their decision on the 31st (that's what they did last year). My bad!

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    Classes are pretty laid back, but they want you to look academic. So, no tank tops or shorts or skirts. Leggings are fine as long as they are modest and your bum is covered. Although, we've had some folks get dinged for sweats either. I think as long as you dress like you're going to an office with a laid-back dress code (if that makes sense), then you'll be fine.

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    As far as I know there aren't any clinicals/sim labs on the weekends in J1, but there is potential for Sunday clinical in J2 (I currently have Sunday psych clinical). It just depends on how the faculty build the schedules, and unfortunately you won't have any control over it in J2.

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    Sorry to take a while getting back to you...I thought I'd get email notifications, but I guess not. Oh well! In our J1 semester we had three days of classes (pathopharm, health assessment, essentials, and foundations) plus one day of sim lab/clinical. You will probably have only 3.5 days in the hospital your first semester. The health assessment and essentials classes are important to learning the base nursing skills, but pathopharm is the hardest class (disease processes and meds). We had pathopharm for 4 hours (split into two sessions of 2 hrs w/ lunch in between) on Monday, health assessment and essentials on Tues (2hrs each), and foundations for 3 hours on Thurs. Then we had sim lab/clinical on either Weds or Fri. I had Friday and it worked really well because I then had Weds off to study and what-not. I'm sure they have the schedule up in catsweb if y'all wanna check it out. Hopefully they structure it the same way for y'all, I really liked it.

    Second semester is lifespan (like medsurg), psych, and research. You'll have sim lab/clinical days for both lifespan and psych. There will be 7 total clinical days for each class. My schedule is super different but most people have clinicals/sim lab Monday and Tuesday, then class Weds (lifespan & psych for 2hrs each), research on Thurs (3 hrs), and class Fri (lifespan & psych again).

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey y'all. I'm in the class of 2017 and just wanted to drop by to see if anyone has any questions...let me know if you do! You will (most likely) find out around 3-4pm on March 31st about their decision. Good luck to all of you! This is a great program and we'd love to have y'all

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    I just requested to be added to the fb group. I have 3 classes to finish up this summer...ugh. But hopefully it will all be worth it as soon as I start learning how to be a NURSE!

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    The emails are out! I'm in! Ahhhhhhh!

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    I think this happened in previous years where they don't send out any notices until the end of the last day of the month...I'm so impatient! But, now we know that today is the day. I'll be over here checking my email NON-STOP.

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    Thank goodness! That makes me feel a lot better