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  • Oct 13 '12

    Quote from Novo
    Student loans arent that bad if you're willing to put your life on hold for 2 years and work like a slave. My roomate had 70k in loans when he graduated from a BscN program. He made 70k in his first year working in a remote community and banked half to pay off the loans he did this for two years.
    This. If you live cheaply when you graduate, it's amazing how quickly you can pay down your loans - even six figure ones. Of course if you have a house, mortgage, kids, etc. then it's not as easy... but if you're young and single, just keep living like a poorish student for the first few years out and you should be able to pay down your loans readily. I think people get too eager to elevate their lifestyle upon graduate, and then get sucked into paying the monthly minimum (and tons of interest), when they could have just continued to live cheaply and paid it down much faster (and not accrued all that interest!)

  • Oct 13 '12

    Fortunately no. I moved to a small town where I did nothing but work and sleep for 2 years. I was paying 1000-1600 per month. My actual payments are 300 a month. At that rate, I would have paid loans for 10 years, with approximately 11,000 in interest. One more payment next month and I'm debt free, with savings also.

  • Oct 13 '12

    I had over 65K in student loans from a piece of undergrad and law school. The 30 YEAR PAYMENT PLAN still cost about $450 a month on that amount, and after 9 years of payments and 2 years deferring them to go to nursing school (mistake #2: deferment) I paid them off, ONLY by grace of selling our home and doubling our money on it. The amount owed when I paid them off was STILL over 62K.

    Please PLEASE consider these things when you're incurring such large amounts of student loans. It's like having a vacation house that you have to pay a mortgage on, but you don't know where the house is and never get to use it!!!

  • Oct 13 '12

    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Whether you receive the flu vaccine or not is protected health information. It could be argued that by requiring you to mask if you have not had the vaccine, your employer is violating your privacy.
    Working as an RN lets everyone know you passed the NCLEX. How can we live with this violation of privacy.

    Vaccines work. Get the flu shot or go work in another profession but either way, stop whining about it.