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    While working in the ER a new mother brought in her 2 day old infant... The complaint was: yellow diarrhea, all day, 5-6 times so far today. was all the new mom kept saying. I asked the mom "Do you nurse your baby or..." but before I could finish my sentence, the mom interrupted me shouting. "NO I'M NOT A NURSE DUMMY, THAT IS WHY I BROUGHT HER TO YOU!!!!" WHY WOULD YOU ASK ME IF I WAS A NURSE, IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS IF I HAVE A JOB OR WHAT I DO, I'M HERE FOR MY BABY!!!!!!! I then finished my sentence and said, " Ma'am, Do you nurse your baby, or is your baby a formula fed baby?"
    Mom stated " I don't know what you mean." So I had to explain to mom that a "nursed" baby is also called a breast baby,and that her poop is suppose to look like that. Needless to say it was very hard not to laugh while I explained that to mom.