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    Quote from siRNita
    Thanks everybody for the encouragment!! I'm a big fan of brainsheets, I don't know how I'd get through the day without them! It's so helpful to look at the piece of paper and know exactly when I need to be where. I was glad the student was assigned to that patient, he probably got much better care that way than with me pulled in many different directions And today was MUCH better. I think half of the problem yesterday was being on an unfamiliar unit and not knowing where things were, plus just scrambling to stay afloat. My new preceptor today was "teacherly" but encouraging, and I had one of the same patients so I knew what was going on. Major answer to prayer. I'm psyched for next week. More medical... here I come!
    Over 10 years on the floors in different roles and I could never go without my assignment sheet handwritten in my secret and unique nursing language is the only way I work!