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  • Jun 6 '14

    congrats!! i am on the road to my 2nd attempt. please pray for me for i will be taking the test very soon. best of luck to your future!

  • Jun 6 '14
  • Jun 6 '14

    Wow, way to persevere, Congrats to you!!

  • Apr 27 '14

    well, like most people here will tell you here. do not study the day before the test, relax the most you can.. continue doing practice questions, read all rationales, go over labs values (know what happens to the patient if something is low or high). Make sure you understand what did wrong on your last 2 attempts, so it won't happen again..

    follow ABCs, and mallows rules, be confident, trust your gut, read the question carefully and understand what's being asked. always think of whats the safest nursing interventions, and lastly know your content..

    . try reading some of the threads here to get a little more details..

  • Apr 27 '14

    your scores seems pretty good. as per the NCSBN, do not worry too much about the scores, i was only able to get above 75% on about 3-5 of the tests.. just understand why you are getting them wrong

  • Apr 26 '14

    I did close to 5000qs...I made I knew the basics of most diseases..make sure to read EVERY word in the question..I used lippincott/saunders, and Hurst for content. I had 110 questions, 17sata, 3ekgs, 3pics, 2math, and rest were in infection/priority/see first...I practiced questions from Lipp/saunders cd/nclex35oo...Good luck!!!God bless!..Now the hardest part is finding a job...I applied to 8 places..2 so far have interviewed me..waiting for an answer...I am leaving up to God ..I am not worry whatsoever....

  • Mar 21 '13

    hi! i'm also graduating in may! yea! about 10 of us are taking the NSNA NCLEX review class in lacross,wi. the cost for 4 days was $230.00 and there is a money back garauntee(sp?). the first day is all pharm,the next 2 days are and the last day is all about taking the NCLEX. the biggest reason most of us are taking it is to help boost our confidence. plus we're looking forward to having a little bit of fun! so GOOD LUCK!! may is almost here!!!

  • Mar 5 '13

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