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    It is very busy in our ER, we as staff never, never, get lunch or even a 15 minute breather, it fries me that the patients are the ones we get food for, usually at the doctors request, yet there is no one to look after our needs. Most of the patients are just there because they don't understand the use of their primary care doctor with all this new HMO crap, and when they do go to the offices of their doctors they literally get no patient teaching, so the ER's are impacted with 12-15 hour waits and we feed them!!! I'm lucky if I even get to go to the bathroom in 12hours....would I choose the nursing profession if I knew then what I know now? NO! NO! NO!

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    Our ED has had great success with a liter NS bolus with benadryl 50mg per liter, this is usually enough to eliminate the need for demerol, in some cases we also add toradol 30mg ivp, then D/C to home.