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    I was accepted to Houston Campus but I am going to reject it so hopefully this opens a spot for somebody. Best wishes to those still waiting

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    please can anyone tell me the better choice between HBU and UT. Asides private varsity being more expensive,are there other differences btw private and public University? Any contribution wld be greatly appreciated.

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    Quote from doreendoyin
    HBU is expensive and is not ranked 21 in the nation.
    Thanks Doreendoyin, please where do I go to see the school ranking.

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    Quote from s.peter
    Okay so UT is my only option now . Just got a letter from HBU saying that i am an alternative... Sucks, i mean who would not want to go there if accepted. Now i am really anxious, come on UT lets go.
    Hello s.peter, when did you receive your letter b/c I applied to HBU too. Why did you say, "who would not want to go if accepted". Would you have preferred HBU to UT

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    Hello everyone, I have been creeping on this forum for ages. I finally decided to join. I have applied to many schools but UT is my 1st choice. I hope that I get in. cheers everyone