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    I am a neuroscience nurse and the patients we typically have are strokes, back surgeries, and brain tumor removal with resection. Many of my patients are stroke patients because we are a stroke center. Look at the neuroscience association of nurses website( American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN) ) and look at the publications they have ( Publications | content) as these will assist you. Good luck and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I do.

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    I am curious about how a bachelors of nursing would translate in Germany. I know that each "state" or area of Germany regulates their nursing field requirements and that you need to submit the documents to the area you will be living in (how rigid they are in this, we spoke on the phone to one of the people who evaluate this and they were just adamant on the fact that you need to submit the documentation before they can tell you, they would not even speculate). The nursing association for Germany was very interested in me and stated that I would be more advanced that the typical nurse in Germany. I also understand that you need to have a B2 german language certificate. I spoke with a German education exchange and they were completely clueless about how my degree will translate to Germany. The helpful woman did mention that doctors who come to the states to do clinical are often required to take additional courses and that these doctors have the equivalent of a bachelors degree (which I found very hard to believe). The woman said it has to do with how many prerequisites we do in the US such as math, etc. Has anyone done this move and what was the result. We will be moving to Germany with me becoming a citizen. My husband is a German national. So much information, but none of it something I can actually make a plan on because I won't know til I am there and that is just plain scary. Any addtl information would be much appreciated.