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    Thanks very much

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    Thanks guys, I know I need LMO, I was only searching if I could get a job offer to apply for TWP or hopefully speeding up my FSW PR. I posted this so that another nurse will not fall a pray to New vision Canada and be scammed of their hard earned money. I know now thanks very much.

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    Hai anybody heard about New Vision Canada? I came across this site and thought it was genuine so I filled in their entry form thinking it would speed up my Canada Immigration and they contacted me immediately. They asked me to send some of my documents which I did. First it was ****** and then ****** who contacted me, they said a western Ontario hospital employer has selected me. They said to initiate the process and forward the agreement and the contract I have to pay CAD 6000 and the employer pays 6000 so in total 12000 CAD. I was asked to pay 3000 initially and the rest before I take the flight to Canada. So I generated the money in two days time which they gave me and wire transferred to them in first week of April 2012. They told me that they were going to apply for LMO. In last week of June they said my LMO was approved and they were waiting for contract from the employer. Nothing happened after that, I contacted them in August and they told it will happen soon and if I was impatient they would return the money. So I thought I will wait for 1 more week. The last mail I got from them was on August 18th. I sent so many e- mails to **** and **** after that but no reply. Has anybody heard of this agency? They say their office is in Brampton. Thanks