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    Any news??? Anyone??? This wait is ridiculous. I don't understand how every nursing program in the state releases acceptance letters a WHOLE month earlier than Rose State. That extra month would be really nice to prepare work schedule along with every thing else that needs to be done. With that being said i am fairly confident (hoping) that 118 will be the cut off. Thats just because i dont think they would tell prospective students a number unless they were fairly confident but i really don't know. Anyways good luck everyone

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    Sorry James meant josh1183

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    I to spoke with the director and she said the new point system changes the way points are added up entirely. She said when she reconfigured acceptance scores from fall 12 and applied them to the new point system she believed the cut off for spring 13 would be "about" 118. It is true that the point system will be low until students can take other courses to raise their scores. Human physiology has a preq and will set students behind at least 2 semesters to be competitive in the new point system. I applied also and also hopes it stays at 118! Good luck everyone