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    @Jane33 RN,

    Thanks for the info. I took my AANP test for the second time yesterday and failed again. I feel like giving up. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I even felt like I knew the answers to moe of the questions this time. I found out I failed by 7 points on the first test. I am a wreck and I am afraid to take the test a third time fearing that I will again fail. I feel like a disgrace to my family and feel like I will never be able to pass this test. People are asking me when I will start working as an NP and I feel like such an idiot. I have done Fitz and Hollier review and I have gone through the Leik book. I even wrote notes down on the paper provided by the test center before I started my test

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    Congrats aslingtl!! I re-test soon and I am so worried and nervous. Did you have any of the same questions that you had on the first test or were they all different?

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    Jane33-thanks for your encouragement. How did you study to take your test the second time and did you get any of the same questions on your second test? I am glad you got through it

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    Tinabeanrn--thanks for your encouragement . In regards to your question-AANP only allows you to test 2 times within the calendar year (jan through december). I suppose technically if I did not pass it this time, I could re-test in January, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

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    I took my aanp exam yesterday and I failed it. I was in tears. I studied day after day and put in so many hours. I thought the test was quite hard and many questions I did not know the answer to at all. I have trouble looking at the questions and answering them without reading into them-the worst part is I know I do this, but I can't stop. I want to re-test as soon as possible, but I am looking for advise on materials that will be most helpful to me. I have used Fitzgerald lectures and study guide, APEA online tests and Holliers lectures and Leiks book with questions. I think Leiks book has questions that are the most similar to the ones I had on my AANP test, but there are many errors in the book that I am afraid to study from this in case I remember stuff incorrectly! I'm so worried to take this test again because I know I have to pass it or I will have to wait another year before I will be allowed to retake it. I don't want to attempt the ANCC test because of the theory questions. A few of my friends have taken the AANP test and passed and while I am so happy for them I feel so stupid