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    Quote from kms2900
    Do you also think it would be okay to wait until the first week of classes to buy books? Are most of the prof okay with giving students a week to catch up on reading?
    Go ahead and get your assessment book and workbook - these shouldn't change. This is also probably the only book you will NEED to read (and read again), the others make good references.

    The other books, feel free to wait on (you may never want them anyway). The nursing diagnosis and drug book you need about 4-6 weeks in or can borrow one until then.

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    I wouldn't say they are all "required", they can do a bit overboard with the books. If you are good with reading texts, or like to have them for reference - here is are the ones I would (personally) recommend:

    Concepts - Potter and Perry (text only), nursing videos for the visual learners out there

    Patho - you don't need the book for class, but it is a good reference/door stop.

    If you are a text book minimalist (like me), here is what you must have:

    Assessment - BUY THE BOOK and WORKBOOK! You will need both for class and lab, you will not survive the class without reading the text and the workbook is required for lab.

    Concepts - Nursing Diagnosis book & drug book before clinical rotations start (mid-semester)

    For those of you that are confused go here for a list of books:
    Click on "Organizations" > Houston Undergrads > Course Textbook List

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    August orientation dates are the 21st and 22nd. For sure the 21st will be all day, the 22nd is usually 1/2 day.

    All your ordered supplies will be distributed at the end of the second day.

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    Quote from bjc_smile
    And what day are the CPR certifications and how much are they?
    There are CPR classes offered on campus through TNSA (a student org, not the school). Classes are being offered the Monday/Tuesday before classes start.

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    I can't say for sure they do or don't... What I do know is that TWU looks at GPA (which Ws don't count toward) and they will look at some classes to see if you made a grade the first time you took them. I think they looked at A&P I/II, Micro and Stats.

    Other than that, I don't think they look at particular classes just an overall and if you have your pre-reqs done. I am sure it will also help to be "core complete", but I don't think they care - it just makes life easier once you are in.

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    Quote from kms2900
    Does anyone know where bike parking is near TWU?
    Bicycle or motorcycle? There are bike racks by the garage exit, and I have even seen occasional motorcycles parked there as well.

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    The different sections is just a thing for the university. Like you Lindsey was told, it doesn't matter.

    For the entire program, you don't get choices in the professors or times - everyone follows the same classes and class times with very little variation.

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    Quote from yng0830
    I got all the titers done this week but I'm not sure my doctor has gotten the results yet. Therefore, he can't fill out the form so do you know if that's a problem!? They are confusing me by saying " we will discuss titers the day of orientation"!
    You should be fine. The biggest concern is you need to have everything done before you go to the hospital (~6 weeks after classes start). If you don't have everything by Friday, you can still fax everything to Denton for processing before classes start (or drop it off on campus if you are local).

    Trust me when I say you won't be alone, but you will want to get it taken care of before classes start.

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    Quote from Lizzyagu89
    is anyone else having problems getting the flu vaccine. Every where I have called they have been out and I know the season ends in May and starts back in August so would it be ok to do it then?
    Don't worry about the flu shot for this term. The flu shot for 2014-15 won't be available until around October, you will need it at that time.

    Also I found out that they are wanting titers (not just shot records) for the following:
    MMR, Varicella & Hep B and then you need an antibody screen for Hep C

    There is a place to get your Hep B and C for free close to campus if you have issues getting those done.

    Immunizations - TWU Student Health Services - Texas Woman's University

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    There is only one building for TWU Houston. When you walk in, there will be people to direct you where to go.

    There is an attached parking garage which I think is 9$ for all day (no in/out). If you are feeling cheap, there is a lot behind the school on Main (Lam lot) for 5$. Found this googling, not sure of how accurate it is:

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    If I remember correctly - you only need your shot records, but things may have changed. I wouldn't worry about getting titers done right now if you have your records.

    As far as money for orientation (May 2) -

    You will have a chance to order uniforms, supplies (stethoscopes, etc...), sign up for CPR and sign up for Tx Nursing Student Association (TNSA). Everyone accepts credit/debit, but depending on what you choose to purchase it can be a few hundred dollars but you aren't required to purchase anything that day.

    The drug screens will be completed during an orientation day. I think last year they did them on the first day - so May 2nd for you all.

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    Quote from Lizzyagu89
    So I get that the vaccines are due May 2nd but at the same time the packet said there will be immunizations available for us to get after advising so what is really due on May 2nd?
    Welcome to some of the mixed messaging of TWU... They want you to have all of your shots/titers done by orientation (with records). However this isn't realistic, so they will have someone on campus to help with things like TB and missing vaccinations.

    What I can tell you is this - START NOW. Get your titers if you don't have records, pull together your shot records, and if you need a series then get started on that too. You don't want to be that person that can't start clinical because they don't have their stuff together. And yes, that can happen.

    If you need a complete list, let me know and I can get you one. I think they should have included it in letter they mailed out already. Or if you need a resource to get your shots/titers done on the cheap, I recommended a place a few pages back.

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    Quote from jheggins
    Hey root.user, do you know of any students that took patho over the summer at TWU Houston??
    I am pretty sure there were Fall start students that did. I was a spring start, so it wasn't an option for me.

    The class is technically a BIOL course, so you may be able to look at the registration in Dallas/Denton to see what is being offered outside of Houston as well. As far as the Houston class, that one probably requires you to be cleared for registration. If that is the case, you should be able to get that done during the May orientation.

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    The drug screen is done on campus one of the orientation days. I think it is the first day (May), but I am not 100% sure.

    Quote from kms2900
    For drug screening do we have to go to Houston to do that? I live I'm ATX and would rather do it here. I already went to link provided in the packet and payed around $45 but it didn't include locations.

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    Yes, you have the summers off. Which is good and bad. You can try to get externships (think paid internship) over the summer, work elsewhere or volunteer. You can also knock out electives (1 is required) and the women's course (if you aren't already core complete) in the summer as well.

    Also, once you are in the program, you may wonder just how they could possibly cram everything into a summer session without ruling your life anymore than the program already does.