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    Hello all! I am in my 3rd clinical rotation for my FNP and graduate in May!! Our current instructor is testing out of the 2009 Hollier Adult and Family nurse practitioner certification review questions book. It just went out of print because the 2013 ed is coming out in January of 13. Does anyone have this book and would consider selling it?

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    That's horrible!!

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    What?????? Lol! "I'm sorry ma'am, hysteria is no longer a recognized medical diagnosis... So no vibrator therapy for you!" Bwahaha!! That's awesome

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    Hi there,
    Anyone feel like selling their Hollier (2009) Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Questions, book. It just recently went out of print as the 2013 version will be released Jan 1, 2013. My current instructor tests right out of that book and I don't have a copy I called APEA and they said that they will no longer make it It's a 50.00 book and I'd be happy to pay new price for a used book.
    Thank you SO much!!

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    Our ER also has a no verbal order policy except for emergencies. With that being said, it happens ALL THE TIME as the MD's don't feel like taking the time to put the order in the computer. We have found a way around this. Whenever I need a verbal for something like pain meds etc. I write it out and then have the MD sign my order. It goes from a verbal order to a written order in 2 seconds flat. Much much better way of doing things. If they don't put the order in the computer within a reasonable amt of time, I just scan the written order to the pharmacy and they input it
    Good luck to you. That PA sucks and he/she sure is lucky that they don't work with me

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    Hmm...I've been asked for phone chargers a lot. Usually I am able to find someone who has one they can use.
    I had a patient one time in the ER who was upset and wanted to talk to the charge nurse. I came in and he told me about how his girlfriend had just had a miscarriage and he was devastated. In the same breath, he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him. Unfortunately I have had more than my fair share of completely inappropriate sexual patient requests. I wonder if my reply was "Sure, hold on let me take my scrubs off" if they'd realize how ridiculous that sounds.

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    Congrats!!! I'm so jealous!!