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    Thanks for the clarification Devochka - I am researching an essay that does involve a patient with Type 1 Diabetic - so I was obviously thinking in a narrow context.... Thanks for pointing that out to me

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    I will throw my thoughts in there regarding the high glucose as it is something I have been doing some research on for an essay myself - you may want to look in to it further - or someone may want to correct me if I wrong!! Your patient is in a stressful situation - cortisol secretion can increase during stress - which in turn can increase the blood glucose levels through the stimulation of gluconeogenesis in the liver. This may be having an impact on her blood glucose. Hope that helps a little...but as I said someone correct me if I am wrong as I am not a nurse - just studying to be one!
    Good luck

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    Thanks - that was what I thought but just wanted some reassurance!

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    Is someone able to explain the difference between a "risk for" diagnosis and "potential for" dignosis...or is it simply just a difference in wording? I have one facilitator who uses potential for but all the readings I seem to have done all use risk for
    Any advice appreciated.

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    Thanks vdrapeau,

    I had considered that in the first part of the assignment. In this section of the assignment after being treated for hypglycaemia he does not appear to have and abnormal signs and symptoms - the BP was the only one that was sticking out at me but only because of the drop - not the actual reading because as you said they are in the realm of normal reading. This gentleman is 50.

    Thanks for your thoughts - I will move on and focus on the other problems I have identified!

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    I am a first time poster to this forum - so thanks in advance for any help offered.
    I have a case scenario where I need to find a list of problem statements and then prioritise them. Basic outline is a gentleman with a history of Type 1 diabetes and hypertension has come on to the ward via Emergency with confusion for investigation.

    On admittance to the ward his BP was 110/87. The assignment has 2 parts - and the 1st part has been completed - from this we have now been informed that our patient is hypoglycaemic and has been treated accordingly. His presenting symptoms now appear to have stabilised however I am unsure whether his BP is an issue. It is now to 105/65. (Also he takes an ACE inhibitor daily for his hypertension ) I understand that this may be an acceptable reading in some patients ( in this case we do not know the patient's usual BP) however I am querying whether the drop in diastolic is substantial enough to be of concern.

    Different tutors seem to have differing opinions on whether this is a problem. My concern is that in Part A of the assignment one of the issues that I looked at was whether he may have suffered a head trauma based on his presenting symptoms. In the scenario he is still due to have a CT scan - and I am wondering if although he is hypoglycaemic, that there still could be something further going on for him beyond the hypo. Possibly a slow brain bleed from a trauma? Or stroke?

    So does anyone think the drop in BP is an issue - or am I looking for problems where they do not exist.

    Thanks for any help,