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    yeah you still have to - a lot of people I know in the program now even have a degree but they still had to go back and take extra classes to finish all the ones that the school required

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    I think each semester totals up to almost 5K with car expenses (parking, gas etc.), books (of course I buy them all old editions online), school supplies, lab kit, uniform and coat, then of course tuition and fees

    Its a 5 semester program so itll end up being around 25k in loans at the end

    but you said monthly (each sem has about 5 months) so each month is like $1,000 and I work at the same time (only making abt $400 a month) but thats for my food/clothes/whatever else I need ...

    But Im blessed to be at a public school in tx - imagine if I were in NY in a private school - tuition is 3X as much over there *gasp*

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    I was denied from UTHSC

    missing my vocab section when I took the HESI ... I didnt even know until it was too late

    sighhh this was my number one choice
    but I'll be going to PVAMU CON starting spring so its okay
    God has a plan that we dont know/may not like but, in the end, it will be better for us
    I entered this journey with a lot of prayers so I'm trusting that God will lead me to the right path for me

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    I never got the purple application ... Ive met with Mrs A a couple times though and she said all my documents are complete - just that I have to finish my computers class

    I wonder if I'll get a letter? I haven't gotten any emails ...

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    I havent been to either school but im applying to both right now
    All I know is that UT is the number 1 school for nursing in TX and PVAMU is a really low ranking
    that could be due to a number of things and idk about their actual programs/teachers etc. but as far as getting hired or getting into a masters program - that could potentially affect you
    For example my pharmacist was saying that TSU grads (from a low ranking pharmacy school) had to work 10X harder than UT pharmacy grads to get noticed during rotations etc. because of the bias against their school

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    when i asked them to send my hesi scores it took like a week - I dont wanna freak you out but i requested mine to be sent sept 7th and then asked for a copy of the email that sent the transcripts because none of my schools got it yet when i asked them - the date on the email was sept 12th .... do we still have oct 1st to continue sending in stuff or calling them or will it be totally closed by monday ?? aaahhh its not fair that the last two days were a weekend >.<

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    I also live in the spring/tomball/cypress area (right on the edge btw the 3) im free sunday evenings too - i think it would be really fun to meet up
    Im applying to UT and PVAMU for the spring 2013 - UT is my first choice of course but i rly hope i get in at least somewhere ...
    my hesi was 94 (but CT was 820..) and prereq gpa is 3.78
    I think I bugged UT so much when i sent in all my app stuff earlier this month - I kept asking abt how they calculated GPA and why my transcripts were incomplete (because im still enrolled in classes) and why they havent taken my HESI score off my to do list (because they only download them at the end of the month) and can they please do a transcript eval on me and can i please meet with an advisor etc. etc. lol Im pretty sure they all know my name and hate me hahaha or at least the front desk lady does
    that yellow triangle bugs me so much - i wish it was november already .... I want to know so badly - well - i dont want to know if its bad news tho lol

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    I turned in all my stuff at the beginning of this month - my hesi was 94 composite and gpa was 3.78 for prereqs - im still taking a computer class tho - they didnt accept my chem lab at first (only one 1 credit hour!! ARGH!) because it was too old (6 yrs) so i had to clep test out of that class - which i passed thank God! - so idk ... i asked mrs anderson to email me if I was missing anything and i havent gotten an email from her yet so I hope everything is there and in order ... deadlines close tommorow >.< aaahhh im so nervous - ive been up to visit the school a couple of times - I hope we all get in - how big are the classes ?? In any case - hello future classmates (hopefully) I joined the PVAMU facebook page too! EXCITED