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Student Nurse - CSN Spring 2013; from US

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    I have the Tuesday class.

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    Quote from soontobern2015
    Still trying , lol.
    Keep trying. I finally was able to register. I have the Tuesday pharm class from 2:30 to 4:20.

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    I still can't!

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    I called Cheyenne's admission (not nursing) department. They said they are still in the process of inputting all the student numbers from the list of accepted RN students. It should be completed this evening and we should be able to register tomorrow. I just keep checking when I can. I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone is in the same boat.

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    Hey Christina731, I sent you a message on FB asking for the link to the FB page. I can't find it. Would you be able to send that to me when you get a chance, please? Thanks!

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    I took the CPR class through Prism and they are excellent. It's a 3 hour class discounted to $35 for CSN students. If you take it at CSN it's $60+ and all day. It is good for 2 years and you can come back anytime for a free resfresher if you feel you need it.

    Any one have clinicals or lab with me? I have my lecture online , clinical on Wednesday 6:45 to 12:45 sec 3514, and lab Monday 1- 3:50 sec 3913. Trying to get the monday morning pharm class.

    Is anyone working? I have kids and work part time. Support group anyone?

    So excited to start! Trying to slow down and enjoy the now. I have to stay focused on the two classes I have this semester.

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    Quote from umpakc
    I got in!!!!! i was sweating it seeing that everyone else was getting their calls and i hadnt...i am going to relax and enjoy it for a minute before the madness really starts...congrats to everyone
    ps i had 29 pts
    I felt the same way after logging in the first thing this morning. Yay! I called ------------ back and I am full time. I can enjoy the weekend now.

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    I got the call too!! I was so excited to get in I forgot to ask if it was full time or part time! Ciongrats everybody!

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    I work as a tutor on the Charleston campus, so after reading all these promising posts I went to the LE office on my lunch break. I asked Debbie how close we are and she gave me the same stoic "calls will be made at the end of the month." I went to room 106 and asked a sweet lady at the reception desk and she just said, " no calls yet."

    I like ya'll's info better than mine.

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    Great suggestion, thanks. I will definitely start reviewing. I also applied for the 2013 spring semester, and I am taking classes toward my BSN while I wait.

    I applied with 30 points. I am thrilled you all have done so much research on the current applications. It seems like we should hear something within a few weeks....hopefully sooner. Good luck!