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    Hello, to all my name is Maronica I go by Ronnie and I am from the Greater Seattle area. I am married, as of Nov 04, and have two children, one almost 18 and one 7. I am starting the nursing program in the Fall of 2005, I am sooo very excited. I have been at this since fall of 1999. I am 33 years old now an d feel like I am getting a late start. I am also a recovering addict who is working a solid program, I am sure hoping this does not keep me from getting my license with out limitations or any thing... But I am happy to be here, have beenlurking around this site for a month or so w/o posting so thanks for having me and for being here.

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    Quote from ChadleyNC
    I think that the issue of hinderance with licensure is going to be state specific. I do no know for sure, but I am pretty certain that unless you did something illegal at some point and have a felonious record of some kind that you would be allowed to test for and receive your license to practice.

    I work in for a substance abuse hospital and we see a good number of nurses come in to complete our program. Most of their licensure issues are not due to their addiction, they are due to something they did while under the influence.

    I would view the fact thtat you are in recovery not only as a positive thing, but as any other medical condition. Not all medical conditions must be reported, only those that may hinder your ability to perform.

    Best of luck to you...
    Thanks for your response... I talked to a women on at the nursing commission this am and she told me she does not think there should be a problem with explaining my situation she did say they go on a case by case basis though but I will stick to my program and live in today. Thanks again Chadley

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    I have a quesiton about being a recovering addict. Will this hender me from being licensed?