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    Program Type: ADN
    Adjusted Individual Total Score: 85.3%
    ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 64.9%
    Percentile Rank - National - 95
    Percentile Rank - Program - 96
    Reading Adjusted Individual Score 92.9%
    Mathematics A.I.S. 93.3%
    Science A.I.S. 72.9%
    English and Language Usage A.I.S. 86.7%

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    I just got back my test results today. 85.3% A lot better than I thought I did. I am applying for spring semester at L.A. Trade Tech, Los Angeles College of Nursing and Allied Health, and Los Angeles City College. L.A. College of Nursing said it would be the middle of November when letters would be sent out. The others I am not sure. Good Luck everyone.

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    I took the TEAS V on last Sat 09/15. I did a pencil/paper test. I won't have my score until next Sat but I can say the science section was definitely the hardest. I used a few different study guides and I took both ATI practice tests but I still felt like I was not prepared for the science section. The reading and English sections were not too bad and I had plenty of time in those sections. The math section was relatively easy for me though some of the questions were time consuming and had to rush through the last few questions.