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    I am starting the LPN program in Alpena, Michigan. It is 2 semesters so I will be done Dec 2013. I will then apply for the RN program which again is 2 semesters and will be done Dec 2014.

    So does anyone else have this schedule or even starting at Alpena Community College?

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    Quote from vthunstrom
    Scared of taking these intense science classes! I finished the majority of my general ed right of of high school (1994) Now as a mature adult I have decided to finish school and become a nurse. I have tried to get into Anatomy the last two semesters and the class has filled up before I was permitted to register.
    I so hope I can get in for spring! Is it ok to start with anatomy? Did you all have to dissect a cat? Should I take Microbio at the same time or is that totally nuts?
    Any thoughts or suggestions on these classes?
    I took Anatomy first and then three years later (had to leave school for family reasons) I am taking Microbiology and Physiology. Although these are two hard classes, I study all the time and I still work and have a family to take care of. So it is possible, but not easy. If you aren't in a big hurry to get into nursing school, I would suggest, taking one class a semester. But taking Anatomy first is easier then taking if before Physiology. Just my opinion - hope it helps.