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    I am also interestated in TFHC and the working conditions...number of patients expected, hours, is there admin time allotted, health insurance. Are NP positions really that scarce in the Tampa area?

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    I am currently applying to both Direct entry MSN and accelerated BSN programs in Massachusetts. For several weeks I have been searching online for student reviews about the schools and I have not been able to find any usefull info. My first choice was MGHIHP, but I did find very bad reviews about the quality of education. I am also applying to Northeastern, Umass Worcester,MCPH, Simmons and Umass Boston. I do not want to spend several thousands to get a mediocre education. Please help me with some info. Thanks

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    I have a non-nursing degree amd I am applying to Direct Entry MSN programs. Some schools do not offer a BSN after completion of the firts year, but students are alligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN. Can i work as an RN while attendimg grad school par-time without having a BSN?

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    Hi everybody, I am taking pre-requisites to apply for an accelerated second degree BSN and for what I have been reading, the job marketis terrible for nurses and now I am wondering if it is worth it to spend $40kor more to change careers.

    This is my story: I moved from Argentina in 2003 to Massachusettsescaping the economic crisis. I learned English and soon got into college andobtained my BS in Applied Mathematics hoping to work in the financial field.Meanwhile I was hired at a local hospital as a dental assistant and interpreterbecause of my language skills. After graduating in 2009 I was again caught inthe middle of the worst economic crisis this country had faced and it wasimpossible for me to find a job in my field of study. So I went and got myteaching license, but I couldn't find a job either because of the hiringfreeze. After working for 10 years inthe health care field as a medical interpreter, dental assistant and patient coordinator,I decided to make a career change and become an RN since I truly enjoy workingin the healthcare field. The thought of going through all of it again, just tofind myself struggling to find a job or make a loan payment makes me sick to mystomach. I need some point of view thatwill enlighten me.....please help!!