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    Well the second week of school is on and I am still feeling shell -shocked. I waited 13 years to go back to school and want this so badly. I am freaking out about it all for no good reason and it is really making it hard for me to concentrate and learn.

    Any tips on school anxiety out there??? I didn't feel this way when i was an undergrad and I have already had the experience of taking a pathophys class taught by a professor of the school of medicine tas an undergrad and succeeded, so I thought, "a quiz no biggie". I listened to the lecture several times and made notes. My downfall was I finished the first weeks quiz on the cell with 5 min to spare and then changed about 8 answers. Two of the answers that I switched to were correct, but the others were not. I am so stressed about this week because it is genetics....They have found out so many things since I graduated with my BSN in 1999. It has just astounded me.

    I thought the difference between undergrad and now is that now, as an experienced ICU nurse, I have a working knowledge of the body systems as a framework to build on. I did not expect to feel like I am needing cram by blindly memorizing facts and barf back said info without understanding it to survive.