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  • Jul 28 '17

    Hi guys! I found the facebook group and am excited to start the program with all of you. I have heard great things about the program. I read through some of the threads posted by the group that just graduated and found it very helpful! See you in a few weeks

  • May 1 '17

    Congrats!! I am patiently (as possible) waiting to find out.

  • Apr 27 '17

    Hi!I am currently enrolled in the ABSN program. I'm just finishing mod one. I think the teachers are fantastic so far. They are all practicing nurses themselves, so I enjoy hearing their individual perspectives on nursing and stories from their nursing career.

  • Apr 27 '17

    I submitted my application in February, but they told me they wouldn't review it until I had taken the TEAS which I just took on Wednesday.

  • Jul 25 '14
  • Jul 24 '14

    wow reading back at this really motivates me to keep trying !!! congrats to you

  • Jul 17 '14

    Have you tried calling recruiters and or hiring managers?

    As a DON in long term care I get dozens of applications each week. I have had a few new grads show up and politely introduce themselves. They didn't try to monopolize my time, just quickly "Hello, I'm so-n-so and I am very interested in working for your facility. It has a fantastic reputation in the community. Here is my resume and I hope you will think of me when you get an opening".

    I have now hired two different people from this approach. Of course I left some strangers resume sitting on my desk untouched (maybe that was yours - just kidding as I don't live anywhere near you but do you see my point).

  • Jul 16 '14

    Wow! So happy for you! I took this stinking test 4 times already that's 4 fingers lol I've got 1 more finger left before I move to the next hand..lord please don't let me move to the next hand!

  • Jul 15 '14

    Hello Nurses!

    I know what it feels like to fail the NCLEX-PN & tips to PASS.

    I felt so depressed, I didn't want to do anything and most of all I just felt stupid.
    I knew I wasn't any of those bad things and neither are you! I hope my story will help you.

    Remember you can pass, you have the knowledge, you made it passed Nursing School, so you DO have what it takes!

    Tell yourself YOU WILL PASS, YES!! _____nclex date. _____your name LPN
    (During my studies I wrote this everywhere, it reminded me that I will succeed!)

    List of materials I used to study for the NCLEX:

    1. ATI
    2. Saunder's Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-PN/Online
    3. Kaplan Online
    4. Kaplan NCLEX-PN, Review, Practice & Review
    5. Exam Cram NCLEX-PN/CD
    6. Taber's Medical Dictionary
    7. Google

    (along with WARNING signs you should avoid.)

    My school had us use ATI throughout the whole year. I did the quizzes, the proctored tests, read the rationales and by the end of the year it was a probability of 86% passing the NCLEX-PN first try, so I felt pretty good! I graduated March 23rd, 2014

    Also, in extend to this our last quarter we were recommended to study with the Saunders Book. (WARNING: I did not purchase, bad choice (please purchase this book!.)

    By graduation NCLEX was not priority to me (WARNING: MAKE IT PRIORITY!!!) I was Nursing Club President speaking at Pinning, I had a part-time job, I was getting married a week later, I was moving & packing before the honeymoon & my FOCUS was on my future Husband. These were my big things that I had to balance with preparing for the NCLEX.

    I took too long of a break! (WARNING: TAKE A BREAK BUT NOT A WHOLE MONTH!!!) I probably didn't start studying until a few weeks before my scheduled exam for April 22nd, 2014. I thought that was pretty adequate timing. I bought the 3 day Kaplan Course online, did about 800 of the questions and although I was getting like 53-60% on the quizzes, I was getting a lot right. (WARNING: DON'T JUST MEMORIZE FACTS, READ RATIONALES & UNDERSTAND WHY)

    THE DAY OF THE EXAM (attempt #1):

    I scheduled my exam for 2pm, and I had to be at work at 4pm. BAD IDEA, I thought since most of my classmates were stopping at 85-120 I would do just fine, take the test and go to work, no sweat. WRONG!

    I slept in that day, didn't eat because I was nervous, I wore my work clothes with layers and it was hot that day.

    STRIKE 1: I didn't study enough, 800 questions memorized was not good enough
    STRIKE 2: I didn't eat and 4 1/2 hours in the test with all 205 questions, was not healthy
    STRIKE 3: I wore too many layers, I didn't know the rules so I just kept them on, and I was hot and uncomfortable

    Physically, and emotionally I was not ready for the test and it was OBVIOUS. All of this was all common sense, I read what NOT do and I basically did it. I was just so stressed out and I didn't know I want reschedule.

    I came home and I did the Pearson Trick and there was no pop up. This is when I knew I failed. I was notified the next day through an email and they gave me all the information I needed to retake the test.

    I FELT DEVASTATED. ASHAMED. I knew I would try again but I felt so disappointed that I didn't prepare and now I had to wait 45 days to take this again!

    Finally, I prayed long and hard to have the courage again to study.


    Now I knew what the NCLEX was like, I knew what it did. It wants you to pass, it find your weak areas and keeps asking you those questions. I needed a comprehensive study plan. I needed to review everything all over again!

    I bought the Saunders Book along with the Exam Cram from Amazon.

    May 1st is when I first started studying again.

    I felt ready again, I was reading the Saunders book from the start, and the Exam Cram book.

    After getting through the Saunders first few chapters it told me to take the pre-test on that will help you with a schedule in your weak areas. I did it and printed it out and I followed it to the T.

    I scheduled my nclex for June 18th, 2014
    (That gave me another month to study along with working)


    During the month of May it was hard for me to keep up with being a new wife, working, and studying 6 hour days. I requested to take a few weeks off work but it was a no go. So I put my two weeks in and June 6th was the last day at my job.

    May I didn't get to study at all, I was so stressed with everyday life.

    Finally I sat down and rescheduled my exam: June 18th to June 25th.
    Something came along so I rescheduled it one last time to JULY 3rd.
    (don't be afraid to reschedule ITS FREE TO RESCHEDULE)
    vs $200 in Washington State each time you fail to retake).This was GO time, I had another month, this worked in my favor:

    I woke up when my husband did at 6am ate a good breakfast & dove in.

    7am- 3pm
    • I put in 8 hours a day 5 days a week, weekends break, studying the Saunders book study plan.
    • When I didn't know a word I would google it or use my Taber's Medical Dictionary and I wrote it down in a spiral notebook.
    • I made flashcards for all the important lab values that seemed important to me and the Exam Cram book has a rip out card to study major areas to remember before the test.
    • I did a 30 min STUDY and 15 minute break throughout the whole 8 hour study period. In between I did yoga, eat, chores, clean up, nap, play with the dog.
    • 2 weeks before the test, I logged back in ATI reviewed old tests.
    • Logged in on for the Saunders book and did the test, Select all that apply, areas where I was weak in.
    • I used the Exam Cram Book, and CD (keep in mind Pearson is the same company that tests us and makes this book) The questions are very similiar in difficulty level to what I have seen.
    • I went back on to Kaplan online and reviewed a few videos, it was very boring. (I have to read, listening to a recording made me sleep) So I went through the book and brushed up on some of the strategies I thought were helpful.
    • Lastly, I listened to the downloaded the 3 audio's from for Saunders, I found these helpful and kept me motivated!!!

    I read the Saunders book from cover to cover, did all the practice tests, memorized all my lab values and this was AS MUCH as my brain could handle. By this time, the test was around the corner, I did ALL that I could and then I did one last thing.

    During this time I didn't talk to any of my classmates. I am a very social person, so sharing my failures, needing advice and encouragement, I didn't have the courage to share this information yet. So I contacted a few of my classmates and my anxiety went down. They became like family to me this past year and closing them out going through this hard time. I had to talk about it. After I chatted with them, I felt at peace and ready!

    DAY OF THE TEST 2nd attempt:

    • I scheduled it for 2pm again.
    • I slept it, but not too late.
    • I ate a high protein breakfast, (egg omelette) and a organic berry smoothie.
    • Drank water and took my vitamins.
    • I packed some water and cookies.
    • I brought my exam cram card with me and flashcards and reviewed it before I walked in.
    • I prayed LONG and hard and spent time with the Lord.
    • I went in confident.


    1. use your whiteboard
    2. abc's
    3. wear comfortable clothes and bring a light sweater
    4. take as many breaks, if you need to go GO!
    5. priority!!! think about each question and take your time
    6. be your cheerleader!!!!
    7. PRAY
    8. KNOW your scope.
    9. when I was in the bathroom and did jumping jacks and told myself I will PASS I can do this!!!

    SCREEN STOPPED. I knew I passed!
    I went to the car to try and register and I got the good pop up!

    I cried and praised God in my car! tears flowed as I called my husband and my family, texting my friends... but I didn't tell everyone yet....

    I paid for quick results and found out 2 days later, and officially 5 days later from DOH website that I had PASSED.

    Now I am searching for a job, and this is only the beginning. I just wanted to share my journey to hopefully help those trying again. I am open to answer any questions to help you on your way!

    Much love & God bless, Angela Garcia LPN

  • Jul 15 '14

    Lacherity book is best book for management and delegation,I don't know kaplan review book,I bought kaplan undemand course