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    Quote from melissa33
    Not A& on nursing and then exam study sheets to find the PAX. As far as I know it is only good for Charity. I am starting Dillard in the Fall. They have excellent nursing and public health programs.
    I hope you did worries, you should get your results quickly. I got mine two weeks to the day!
    I see you also have some study guides for A&P II on your site. How far along did you get at Delgado before you decided to goto Dillard?

    Does anyone have any good links to other nursing sites, possibly another good bulletin board similiar to this one, or just nursing links in general?


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    Quote from melissa33
    My science was probably 80% physics. I did well, but I studied a lot. I made study sheets, hoping they would help other students too. I have posted them at just click on subjects and then nursing. I gave up on Charity, by the time students get in and complete Charity they can have a four year degree.
    Good luck!
    Are the study sheets you referrring to for A&P 1 & 2 or the PAX test?

    Since you gave up on Charity, where did you go? Is the PAX test valid at other schools, or just Charity.

    I took the PAX test yesturday, not sure how I did yet

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    Is there a list of rules for the test online? Im trying to find out if calculators are allowed, and any other important details. I registered in person @ Delgado for the test next month, but I never received anything in the mail. Should I have received a confirmation?

    If anyone has any additional info, suggestions, tips, please post