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    Well... No luck on more money. Bah. Oh well, next time right?So I'm sitting in my hotel as we speak. Its not really an extended stay at all, it's a pretty nice hotel actually. Its costing me $110 a week so that's not too bad, thanks the the hospital having a negotiated rate. I'm going to head in for my first shift in a little bit. I'm nervous!

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    Yes, its $25/hr with $2500 a month housing stipend.

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    So after quite a while looking, I just got offered a position I'm really happy with. It's a 13 week ICU contract at a regional hospital in a fairly rural area. I am familiar with the hospital chain so the computer charting will be no problem, and they use the same pyxis, pumps, vents and all that that I'm use to.The thing is, I told my recruiter I wanted day shift from the beginning when we started talking about assignments. The way he phrased this one, I thought it was day shift. During the phone interview with the manager I found out that it's nights. Given the fact that every other aspect of this assignment is perfect, that wasn't a deal breaker for me. The other thing is that they want me there Thursday (10/25) and I gave them an available date of 11/1. This will be a pretty darn big inconvenience for me, but I could do it. I'm suppose to talk to my recruiter first thing in the morning and let him know if I can do it. The pay package they are offering amounts to $1460 take home a week with me providing housing. I also have my own insurance. I was wondering, given the above circumstances would it be fair for me to ask for a little more money? Say $2 an hour more? I haven't even seen a contract yet so it's not like I'm changing my mind after I signed it. What other things should I ask about? I'm planning on staying in an extended stay hotel that has special pricing for travelers from my company, any advice there? No children or pets coming with me...Also, the unit I'm going to has a very specific dress code and I don't have any scrubs that meet the requirements. On such short notice I can buy a set or two at WalMart (no local scrub shops!) but then will the hotel accept a delivery for me if I order some more?Any other words of wisdom would be appreciated as well...Sorry about formatting and typos, I'm on my phone.

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    Sorry, I posted this from my phone and it won't let me do paragraphs!

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    I have been seriously looking into travel nursing for several months now, but so for my experiences with travel companies has sucked. I'm starting to wonder if I'm just not worth hiring.

    I have 1 1/2 years of experience in med/surg with quite a bit of ICU and ER float time, at a level II trauma center. I also out of frustrated just started a full time staff position in a smaller, rural hospital in ICU.

    I have had a very hard time getting offers or even interviews from facilities with travel companies. Twice one company submitted me to facilities only to tell me the next day that the facility neglected to tell them the position was already filled.

    AYA healthcare finally found me a spot in Las Vegas, but when the contract actually showed up it was nothing like what had been discussed. I was told it was a 36 hour med/surg position with "excellent compensation," and day shift. When I got the contract, it turned out to be night shift, and some sort of float pool. The contract stated I had to give the facility "five days of availability" every week and they would call me between 1600 and 1700 every day to tell me if I have to work. It also said I needed to have my car with me because public transportation wouldn't work with such short notice. That's all fine and good, but there was no compensation for the 700 mile drive to Las Vegas. The pay was also significantly less than what I make as a staff nurse. The take home was a little over $600 a week including the housing stipend. I bring home $800 a week working 3 days a week as it is.

    I don't think I could even live in Vagas for that much. I mentioned all this to the recruiter and he said I have "almost no experience" and its very important for me to take the first travel assignment I can to get travel experience, and I couldn't expect to be paid more as a first time traveler. I ended up just turning down the assignment and I quit looking for travel jobs.

    Is there any hope for finding a better assignment for the first time, or should I just A.) Suck it up and take a not so great assignment, or B.) Just keep gaining staff nurse experience and hope to find a better offer a few years down the road?