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    I'm pleasantly surprised how well I did on the ICP. I was rushing to get it done with the hours I work and thought I had messed it up something awful. I only had points taken off for not putting an "ending date" for my completion project.
    3 weeks! I might do a cartwheel in my living room...

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    Last one for me also. If it is anything like evidence based I might have a stroke.

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    DONE!!! FINISHED!!! NO MORE EBP!!!! It's a celebration.

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    The Syllabus even lists quiz 1 as 3o points. I hope they look into this soon.

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    I'm in this class also and very nervous.

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    I tried to post a while ago and I don't think it posted. I was looking under the week 2 case discussion board and only saw that 9 posts were on there. I'm I looking in the right spot?

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    After I finished my discussion post this morning I have done nothing but stare at the computer and case study. I feel uncomfortable submitting something into safe assign without references. Maybe I am making more out of it than what it is. I'm going to take a break and watch Bubble Guppies with my kid to clear my brain

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    I will be there also!

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    Happy Holidays! I am finished and going out on a date with my husband!

    My first class of the new year will be Family Nursing. If I didn't so so well here it might be this class again too!!!

    Good Luck everybody.

    (I just noticed I double spaced this post. UGH.)

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    SO... I have 2 separate form popped up on Microsoft Word. I'm annoyed. They both have blanks at the beginning for info to be filled in and then a completed example in the next half. I don't know of i'm using both or if I'm using one. I'm currently sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee, in a complete daze.

    I've had to email her 3 times about my grades and she's had to change 3 assignment grades because she's missed things on my stuff.

    I plan to BS my way though it like have everything else.