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    It is truly wonderful to hear from you all and get this much support. I think I love you guys.

    I will contact the colleges in my area tomorrow and enquire about online options and enrollment when I return. I plan to go to school full time and am very excited to do so. I honestly have always had to work while in school and cant' stand it.

    Iraq is not so bad. The food is food, the air is dusty but breathable, sand (talcum powder) gets everywhere, and I am not getting shot at daily like some are. I gave an IV in the motorpool yesterday to someone who needed it and recieved one today for practice. So now I have dried blood all over my boots and it is morbidly funny. The weather has been getting around 108 in the shade, and I have no clue as to how hot it is in the sun. I do know that I feel lucky, as I have access to the internet sometimes, and eat hot meals. Some are not as fortunate.

    Our Lt will not allow us to "go beyond the wire", or leave the camp, as we are a mantainance unit brought here to do recovery missions and room clearing if need be. We are also trained in convoy security if the mission dictates. But the violence here is very intense and daily, and we are one month new here and not allowed to do the recovery missions. As a SAW (squad assault weapon - MEGHAN 01) gunner and a CLS (combat life support), I operate the turrent and am itching to be out there making my contribution. Three out of our four companies are dying to have me, as it is better to bring personel out that want to be there instead of made to. My Lt is not allowing any of it.

    So, for now, I am mantaining the vehicles that go out daily on missions and repairing the ones that get hit.

    This place is amazing, and when I am able to, I will post pics. The civilians (called Haji - I hate it and see it as a derogatory word), have no concept of time, but do try hard. Most are afraid of pictures as they don't want anyone to know thay are working here. Many live without electricity and most are afraid for their lives and families.

    We get mortared almost daily, and have artillary going out the same. We have towers on walls, and Apaches and Blackhawk gunships patroling constantly. It is quite the site, but gets mundane after a bit. Disregarding my political views, I am glad to be serving, even though I am taken away from my new wife of three months and my son. I love serving our country and am proud to belong to our great nation. YOU are the reason I am proud.

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    Thank you all so very much for the great advice and wonderful comments.

    I would like to be a military RN, but hate having the military obligations and leaving home. I love my wife more than anything and want to build a terrific home and family. I also want to do what I love, and I feel that I care alot about helping others medically. I am a Combat Life Saver here in Baghdad, just a responsibility - not a job, and love being the first one on the scene.

    My home is Tacoma, WA, back in the states, and I am terrified of going into the schools and being shun by the nursing instructors for my grades. I thought that it might be easier to go into the LPN program and then transfer to the RN program, but maybe not. I am unsure.

    I want to thank you all for your appreciation of what we are doing over here. I have a ton of stories and wish we could do more for these people. Some are thankful, some are not. Some are told lies and some are genuienly hurt by both us and the insurgents.

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    Hello from sunny, sandy Iraq. Where the beach doesn't seem to show any water line and the surfing is horrible (no water you know).

    I am deployed in Baghdad right now, and will be for about a year. I want to get on track and begin my journey to get my RN when I return to Tacoma, WA. My dilemas are that my grades are not top notch. I am serious about nursing and medicine in general and have soem time on my hands after work to do lonline studies or anything to assist my admission into a school. Most of my prerequisites are completed.

    What would I be able to do from here? Is it wiser to get into an LPN program and then just transfer to an RN program?

    Any light shed on the situation is appreciated.