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    I got a MDF md one stethoscope that was about $65 or so, then I purchased a $16 prestige medical clinical lite. Long story short, I like the 16 dollar one a lot better. *shakes head*

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    Quote from ceccia
    "who am i" to give advice on an internet message board? um, wow. OK everyone, you heard the lady/gentleman/whatever - everyone stop giving advice on here! This isn't the place for it!
    Your advice was telling a student to quit/drop out because they would be making a "B" (as his post clearly states.) Unlike the majority of advice on here, your advice falls along the lines of being unmotivating and unhelpful, considering you wouldn't/didn't follow it.

    As long as we're going to be sarcastic about it: yes, you can (please) stop at any time, lol!

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    Quote from lorirn2b
    and do calf pumps to keep the blood flowing to your brain
    Get some compression socks. :-D

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    I used the coloring book for A&P one, but skipped it for A&P 2 since we had so many models to look at for lab. I used flashcards to study. The key to using flash cards effectively is not to cram whatsoever. You need to understand what it is you are studying rather than trying to just memorize for a test. I used the flashcards to test myself and make sure I can recall information.

    People are usually against flash cards but it's because people use them in the all the wrong ways. If 3 months from the end of the semester you arent able to recall what the purpose of the renal system is or what different hormones do, or how the heart works, etc, then your method of studying is ineffective. Usually crammimg before tests will do this. If you pick up your cards and study for 2-3 hours every single day until test time, you will have no problems recalling everything come final and will probably just need to review a bit before the test.

    Make sure you actually enjoy learning about everything too. I love the heart so someone can ask me something and I can explain but if someone asked me about the gastrointestinal system I'll probably just give a blank stare. Sometimes it's hard when indifference comes into play, but just enjoy learning and it'll stick better.

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    Whatever you do, just keep breathing. I noticed I hold my breath in order to be more precise/steady at something. Hahaha. That'll get me feeling dizzy real fast.

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    Quote from ceccia
    rofl yourself! i've been working as a nurse for nearly four years, so quit being lazy and insulting and use your critical thinking skills -you tell me, did i "give up" or drop out of school? (btw - realizing you may be temperamentally unsuited to a particular career/field and having the courage to make a change is not "giving up"

    If you are a working nurse and did not "just drop out and do something else", then exactly who are you to tell someone else they should, when you didn't! ;-)

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    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    Well if the failure of class or clinical brings them to a grade they can't bring up then either fail out or drop.
    The OP mentioned he can still make a B in the class if he works hard. Who drops out or fails out because they are going to make a B? Really?

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    Quote from ceccia
    or drop out and do something else! it's not too late, and changing courses is NOT a failure or a weakness.
    Honestly, could you tell me why someone would drop out of nursing school because of a failed test or missed clinical day? Rofl! Do YOU give up that easily?

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    I teared up too. I hope my instructors are this way.

    AspiringToRN2 - people tend to come on the internet to vent. Take it with a grain of salt.

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    Quote from dt70
    Did you get that idea from the March 2014 caption cartoon ?

    You will not oversleep with this alarm clock.

    ROFL! That's so funny!
    I've always just had three alarm clocks for really important things in case one ever fails, I have two.
    I also do the same with my hard drives. I have three currently lol.

    It's never a bad idea to just have a back up of everything, an alarm is no exception.

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    Your post has just convinced me that everytime I've used three alarm clocks, I know I'm not crazy lol. Really sucks about your situation but don't let it get you down. Thanks for sharing!

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    Just a note: Just because you fail at something doesn't mean you can't try again. Success comes with many failures. Nothing brings you closer to success than failure does. Failure teaches you what doesn't work. So just adjust and change accordingly.

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    Yea I might stop to check that out.

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    I have to know what I'm buying before I can buy. So far I've gotten a couple of supplement reads for summer.