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    I just want some blunt feedback from people who have been in nursing school.

    I love the academic side, and enjoy making a difference in clinical but I can't keep up w the stress. What are my options of a different career path that can involve helping people with less stress?! Should I try to tough thru the remaining four semesters?

    I must add that I have a mental health history that meds are working ok but not ideal. That adds a great deal to my struggle. I also have a very ill mother that I am the constant caretaker of.

    Advice appreciated!!!

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    I completely ditto the post above this one. It's jam packed. I give myself a five minute break for every hour I study. Been studying from the time I get home until when I go to bed! I feel like I'm learning so much though!

    Try to bottle up that eagerness and optimism. People are already starting tobact dreadful in my class. But not me

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    I had two herniated discs on my lumbar spine that I had surgery on. I wear sketcher shape UPS for extra support and cushion. So far when I wear them I'm good aka can get out of bed the next day with minimal pain. Just my two cents

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    No, you do not practice these skills on each other.

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    My first week has been crazy busy but fun at the same time. I spent 7 hours reading my first night! Stock up on highlighters!

    Dress nicely to the first day. It will make u feel more confident. Put ur syllabus and schedule in clear sleeves bc u will be thumbing thru them a lot! Teachers aren't so bad. Give them respect and u will receive the same.

    Good luck to u!