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    I'm 2nd level and all I can say is good luck you guys and if I had it to do over I would have chosen RIC or URI- get ready to deal with A LOT OF BS.

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    Quote from PineappleLove
    Why would CCRI have a second enrollment process for those that didn't get in? Why wouldn't they just choose the next people on the list that didn't make the cut the first time? Obviously there are students that didn't pass the BCI so they have seats open now that they couldn't have predicted (I get that). But why not just notify the next people on the list instead of advertising it again?

    NO idea- I've only "heard" that's the case and not from ccri directly. I just thought it would be beneficial if someone can get in due to this 2nd enrollment period, not even sure if they can or not but worth a shot.

    It's CCRI- who knows why they do or don't do anything haha Like we're all in the dark about if we enroll or they enroll us- My friend said she had to enroll herself and she's in Newport so... the late registration date is in august.....

    Anyone get a official acceptance letter yet??

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    I think the 2nd enrollment process is happening now for anyone who didn't get in-

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    Quote from ausdan2
    PineappleLove, we do not have to register for the class. The nursing dept. will register us once we are all formally accepted and all our immunizations and paperwork is up to date.

    GOOD to know! Thank you!

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    Quote from Meg8413
    Also might be helpful to start you tubing videos in physical assessment. To get a jump start.
    Yes! Also brush up on dosage, very shortly into the program there will be an exam on chapters 1-15! Also, a friend who started last semester said to get the books early and start reviewing, mainly fundamentals of nursing and clinical nursing skills. Her words were "overwhelming", omg haha Everyone enjoy your summer because after that......

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    My background check says completed, but all it's showing is my address! Surely there's more to it than just that- am I missing something?

    DUH- forget it, I missed it at the very top, NO record! (Uh but I knew that already!) Good to go! Hope everyone else's is done by now too!

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    Quote from CCRI_is_Rigged
    I cant believe you can have more points then someone that got accepted at one campus / session and you do not get accepted because you choose the wrong (different) campus / session. How is that explained as fair?
    You have to look at a couple of things- 1) the overall GPA for that school- Newport's median GPA is higher than warwick for instance 2) amount of people they're accepting- Newport takes the least amount of applicants, warwick takes the most (depending on how many apply, this can be a great thing or not)... Nonetheless, I don't think a ton of people applied to Newport this semester, as I know some people who didn't have a "lot" of points got in so that leads to 3) how many people are applying, ranked on their grades vs how many spaces they have.

    So it's still a crap shoot because you don't know how many people are applying or what their grades/points are, but they rank us according to those factors. Not for nothing, but I made sure to get all A's because I went in knowing that they pick from the top down but the only way to truly guarantee you get in is your grades and points. That and I pay out of pocket so I literally couldn't financially afford to re-take a class! Esp the sciences! Ka-ching!

    I know this probably doesn't make you feel better, but I hope that by posting this it can help someone at some point- going in knowing NOT to take anatomy/phys with 3 other classes or knowing that you literally have to get A's to be guaranteed an in... I think some people don't realize how hard some classes are and can't dedicate enough time to them (after the drop period of course), then think that a B- will suffice.. I hope this doesn't sound preachy or elitist, it was NOT easy for me and I worked really hard to get accepted- And trust me, ccri has not been my friend in many things, so I'm not being a cheerleader here. But I do think that the rankings are fair- and I would rather not be on a 4 year waiting list like they used to do!

    This is exactly why I think there needs to be more INFO out there for us, I was lucky to have a friend in the know that was already in the program and this is what he told me (all the above)- If someone has to apply more than 2 times, they really need to be honest with that person and tell them what they need to do exactly and where to apply, this whole secretive bizznass is frustrating. Just some simple honesty could go a long way and not crush people's hopes, dreams, feelings and self-worth. And there's such a SIMPLE solution! Honesty and transparency! This topic comes up EVERY year, so it's very obviously an issue.

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    I just got my acceptance letter and so did my friend- looks like Newport has sent them out! YAY!

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    So sorry to hear Rudy,
    You should ask about the 2nd enrollment period- there's something to do with a month later, you can still be considered to get in, like if there's spots open? Hopefully someone here can elaborate more on that that knows what the deal is. Nevertheless it still sucks to have to get set back.

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    Quote from oparanoid1
    You didn't get in either??? With those grades? They are better than mine! Something is wrong. I'll give it a few days then go see him.
    I don't know yet- I'm going to give it 2 days- and then go in if I have to!

    Did anyone else get a "general studies internship" email???

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    Quote from Hopeful0630
    So sorry oparanoid1

    Me too, that really sucks. If I were you I would try RIC or St Joes or anywhere else. Don't give up! Besides, going for a BSN will be better hiring-wise in the long run thanks to the magnet program.

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    Quote from claudia0124
    I guess that if have not gotten an email by now i should consider myself out. This is so frustrating!
    Don't freak yet Claudia, I have 155 pts and a 4.0 GPA and I haven't heard yet... If I don't get in I don't even know, I worked SO fricking hard to get in!

    Also (edit) I've been pulled 4 times today already! WTH

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    Quote from fluffynuffy
    Has anyone who applied to Newport heard anything ?

    NO!!!! Ugh so nerve wracking-

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    Quote from fluffynuffy
    Hi everyone. I saw an evaluation on my application today at 12:40. I'm just joining the conversation. I applied to Newport nights & w/e. It still says "incomplete items outstanding". Is anyone else's still showing this message? I also have transferred A&P classes still with the "1111" and my TEAS scores just have the date marked. I have 140 points & it looks like since I applied on Feb 2nd they have pulled it 25 times!!!! Wondering if anyone else has any of these same "issues" on their apps?
    Yes, same here too- also with my 2 friends who also applied to Newport... At least we now know it's not US!

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    Thanks Hopeful0630
    OMG NOTHING has changed on my application still! I'm calling tomorrow! Mine hasn't been pulled in over 4 days now :O

    I applied to Newport so not sure if its just them or ME! Jeez louise I hope it's just the campus and not "me"! YIKES