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    I am a recent graduate with an RN-BSN. I have started working on a general med-surg floor. My career goal is to progress into a position that includes staff development in a hospital setting, I just do not know where to begin. I have so many questions and am uncertain about where to begin my quest. I am 23 and a recent BSN graduate. I am already involved in a variety of committees and would like to be more involved and have a greater role in the hospital. It is tiring working as a night shift RN then going to meetings throughout the day. I am wondering if getting a MSN-Education would help me progress sooner. I am getting a rich background of experience now and by the time I complete my MSN, I will have 3-4 years of floor nursing experience and a MSN. Does this seem like a logical path? Should I have more experience? Should I wait to go back to school? HELP ME, PLEASE!