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    [QUOTE=Osorry1]At our facility, we (NPs and MDs) are paid salary plus productivity bonus. They figure out overhead and other fees that equal our salary, benefits, etc. Based on what we cost them per 6 months they give us 70% of out over production back each quarter.


    If I worked 1025 hours from 7/1/04-12/31/04 ( I'm taking these numbers from my last production report)- I was expected to generate 182K in revenue for the company (hours worked times what they figure I cost them as an employee).

    I generated 209K in revenue for the company for a total over production of 26K. The company gets 30% of the 26K, I get 70% as bonus (18K before taxes).

    Thanks for the info. Do most of the NPs in your area get production bonuses like this? I work in a private family practice with 4 physicians who are partners who own the practice, and then there are a total of 2 NPs. Both of us NPs are getting very frustrated because of the long hours we are working and the amount of patients we are having to see. We are on salary so it is not benefiting us at all when we work 50 or more hours per week and we are getting burnt out fast. I have been there for 6 years now and have built up quite a patient base. Every month we get our productivity numbers and also it tallies up monthly until end of year. last year i billed out 432,000. and only got a 3,000 raise, the year before was around 398,00 and i got a 2000 dollar raise. they dont really go according to our productivity at all when determing anything and so we are both wondering why in the world we are doing this and working so much for us to not get any benefit from it. The partners split the earnings at the end of the year according to their productivity as well as their salary, but we are not receiving anything at all other than just a salary which is around 70k presently. They say it is what an average np salary is and that we should not complain and that the benefits are good. which they are okay, but are the same as most other nps. We NPs there see approx 30-45 patients per day and while we close at 5, we are usually there until around 7 because of all the walk-ins, which we are expected to see until there are no more left. They say these visits are the businesses "Bread and butter". Did they offer this bonus toyou or did you present it to them? any advice on how i can convince them to pay us by productivity? thanks for your input.

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    HI. I am trying to find out some information about other NPs Productivity. All I can find on the internet is about salary, benefits, etc. And on most websites it tells how to negotiate salary based on how many patients you can see in a day. And i am trying to convince my physican employer that I see a lot of patients per day compared to an average NP to hopefully increase my salary because i work so many hours. Also, I am trying to decide on whether to try to make a job change due to this. I did not go to school so long and work so hard to make someone else rich, ya know? thanks for any info. please give me any advice you can, and other nurses who are going to be NPs soon.... TAKE NOTE.

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    Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer. I am a 32 yo FNP who has been practicing in a private family practice full-time for 6 long years. Before that, I was a RN for 4 years and worked in home-health care and also for a short time in a hospital. I hope to find others NPs as well as nurses to help me out with some issues i am having at work, as well as just make a few more friends.
    I have a 4 yo daughter and a 12 yo step-daughter and have been married for almost 6 years. I would so like to meet and talk with some other people through this site who have had to face some of the same obstacles i have in being a NP. Also, hopefully maybe i can help some of you who are looking at taking a similar career path.
    Unfortunately, I live in Georgia. And as most of you already know, NPs here have had a lot of trouble getting recognition as health-care providers and as professionals. It really sucks!
    I recently have been considering changing careers and going into laser hair removal, vein injections, and other cosmetic procedures. RNs are opening their own practices here in Georgia with just a consulting physican who they are paying a consult. fee and they are making a lot more than i am as a np and they only work 2-3 days per week. If anyone has any info on any of this please let me know. also, i am very curious to know what other NPs productivity is. I can find all over the net what average NP salary is, which is what i make. However, I know i bring in to my practice a significant amount more than most doctors do, but i am having a very hard time making the docs i work for pay me for it because i can't find any productivity data. Help ? HOpe to talk with many of you soon! Jen (overworkedNP)