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    The child of the nurse makes clothes for her stuffed animal ( ) out of gauze dressings...she's quite creative...

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    Ps...I just got a BIG scare and a good laugh. I got to thinking that this is the first year my dd has gone to this school and I've never checked out her school nurse. So I go to the staff list on the website and it lists her name, nothing else. Then I thought I'd just look through the rest of the list of staff to see if I knew anybody. Well...the nurse and the CUSTODIAN have very similar names and of course I thought--for the briefest second--that they were the same person. Turns out the nurse has been an LPN for 30+ years. What a relief! And what a giant dork I am!

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    I considered applying for a job as a school nurse, but I felt that it was a huge responsibility and I didn't have enough (any ) experience. Well, guess what--it is a huge responsibility! Duh! There was a child in our school district that had kidney problems, nobody knew about it. Guess who figured out there was a problem--the school NURSE. (can't remember if it was LPN/RN). Anyway, the nurse strongly suggested that parents follow up with an MD, turned out that the kid needed an emergency kidney transplant. Good call nurse! School nurses might be the only healthcare/health education that some of these kids get. I'd definitely follow up on this. I'm sure there are plenty of other situations when a school nurse "saved the day."

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    A kid at my school has..."Put the romance back in necromancy." He wears all black and drives an old hearse. I hope somebody is watching him...

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    Along those lines, also...

    when dd was 3, she had a seizure and they had her inpt for observation. I had to climb into the baby crib bed with her to get her to go to sleep. After she went to sleep, I got out and slept in the recliner next to her. The nurse came in while I was asleep and I heard my 3 year old very calmly asking for me by my entire name (instead of saying, "where's my mommy"). I should have known then that she was brilliant!

    Ok, back to the sex stories now...

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    My husband and I were very much in love and quite the passionate pair, and he was in the hospital ALOT...but we never even thought about having sex there. (well, maybe we thought about it). In 2003 when he was inpt, he asked the nurse if it was ok if I just got in bed with him for a while. She said that she couldn't give permission, but what we did when she left the room was up to us. So, I go to hop up in bed and instantly dislodged some important medical thing (isn't that awful--so many hospitalizations that I can't even remember what it was.) Ended up having to call the nurse right away She was nice, though, and told me to just be more careful the next time. His first hospitalization in 2001, our dd was 8months and my dad was living with us and had terminal ca. DH was in the hospital for 9 days and I had noone to help me with my baby or my dad. So I would go to the hospital, dh would insist on me getting in bed, I would nurse the baby and the 3 of us would go to sleep. Nursing staff were very supportive during this time. For the last hospitalization, before the coma et al, he would not get in the bed because he wanted to be near me and the "rules" wouldn't let me be in his bed. So we stayed side by side in recliners. I don't have a problem with that--it was CCU after all. So, my opinion is to have compassion and let people express their love and tenderness, but I'd probably say no to sex. I hope I never walk in on somebody--I don't know what I'd do.

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    Hi everybody. Just checking in to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. Spent the summer having lots of fun with JoEllen and working on healing both of us. I'm finally going to work. I found what I hope is a good job for me as a nurse and as a mother. It's at a state psychiatric hospital on days. I start 2 weeks from today. I'll have to put a hold on my hospice volunteer work for a while, but hopefully I will enjoy the job. Thanks again to all of you for supporting me.

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    Hi everybody. I'm still kicking. Tomorrow is my last day of school for this semester. 3 classes = 3 A's. I'm pretty proud of myself, considering how the semester started for me. My graduation ceremony is on Sunday (we only have one per year.) Sunday is also JoEllen's birthday (#6). We're still missing Dan enormously, but we're healing. We are doing a Relay for Life team this year in memory of Dan. Still don't have a job, but no rush. I know God has something in store for me. Just had 5 interviews that I'm waiting to hear from. I just wanted to check in. I know some of you still wonder about me. Thanks again for getting me through such a rough time.

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    Thanks Kwality. I know that people continue to think about me and pray for me. But I didn't want to keep posting in case some people were getting tired of me.

    I did not get that job. I interviewed with the doc and he seemed to love me, but said that someone else I interviewed with didn't feel the same warm and fuzzies for me. He wanted me to re-interview with everyone all over, but I never heard back. I felt it was hokey anyway. Why force someone to hire/'supervise me if they don't like me. That's just setting me up for failure. And I think I would have been bored (but would have suffered silently for my little girl.

    I missed the RN program by 24 points. I have not given up hope yet. (Haven't we learned that about me--I hold out hope when all hope is gone) I feel that if God wants me to be an RN, He will make a way. He can change the hearts of those that have been accepted or whatever. So I'm just hanging out. I have 7 weeks left of the co-req classes I was taking for the RN program, and I'm sure the decision will be more clear for me by then. May God continue to bless you all.

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    Yoo Hoo...I'm still alive...

    I just scheduled my 3rd interview for that job. That was after talking to the doctor on the phone and answering several questions. I don't know what more they could possibly ask me! (He said I sounded like "an absolute delight" on the phone. Awwww!)

    I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be accepted into the RN program this time around. (a little birdie told me)

    So that's all that's going on here. Trying to clean my house. It is amazing, completely--totally--utterly amazing how filthy a house can get with a 5 year old, a sick/dying husband, and a year of nursing school, plus an indoor german shepherd.

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    3 years in spite of the doctor's nursing repeatedly telling me I was "gross" and the doctor asking me "are you still nursing". Obviously I ignored them because he was also my husband's doctor early on and I needed him for that. I have tons of cancer on my dad's side of the family and was told that each day of breastfeeding was an extra bonus for my health (according to the oncologist.) My gynecologist and midwife were extremely supportive.

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    Well...I had a 5 year old and a dying husband while I was in nursing school. I finished nursing school with my husband in ICU, on a vent, in a drug induced coma and fighting multi-organ failure. I call that adversity. My advice would be to get yourself grounded in God, make good friends that will support you, and work really hard to impress your instuctors. If they know this is what you want and that you're giving it your all, they will cut you a little slack when you're desperate, or at least give you a pep talk when needed. It can be done. Good luck.

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    Hi there...doubting Thomas checking in...

    I did pass my boards...I still say it's because God changed my answers.

    And I have been to 2 interviews at a eye surgery place, which means only days, no holidays, no weekends, no dying patients, only evenings, weekends and holidays to spend with my little darling. They are supposed to make their final decision next week.

    I'll have to drop out of school (my classes are day and I hate them anyway), and then probably forego the RN program (if I even was going to get accepted. Won't know for 4 more weeks.)

    Any thoughts, friends?

    PS...somebody needs to win the lottery so we can all get together and meet. I could not have made it through this without your support. I know I've said "thank you" before, but I really really mean it.

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    I know you're all going to tell me that everyone says the same thing, but...

    I don't see how there is any way on the face of this earth that I passed my boards. Completely not what I expected.

    We'll see...

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    Hi everybody. My interview went well today. Even if they don't hire me, the experience is good for me. Sometimes I have to hear me talk about what's good about me in order to remember that I do have a lot to offer. Boards on Tuesday. I say we go on a prayer and fasting vigil. I took a practice test last night. Got only 61%. It said I was "lacking essential nursing knowledge". That was painful. Not a confidence builder! Remember me Tuesday at 10am. I can not have come this far to fail my boards!