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    I hope you didn't assume I didn't already look up the rules on the NCSBN website. From our understandingit is referring to the discussion of the questions and answers ([FONT=UniversLTStd-Cn][FONT=UniversLTStd-Cn]posting or discussingquestions, [FONT=UniversLTStd-Cn][FONT=UniversLTStd-Cn]information about the items or answers seen[FONT=UniversLTStd-Cn][FONT=UniversLTStd-Cn]) which would make sense since it might give people an advantage when taking the exam. That would be a clear violation. But saying how many questions before the exam stopped whether you passed or failed?

    Does it disclose any information about the questions? No
    Does it disclose any information on items or answer seen? No
    Does it help them do any better in the exam? No

    And please do not assume that i am stupid by defining "violation of law".

    And maybe you should read my post clearly. I didn't accuse you of hijacking the thread. I said I wanted to avoid hijacking the thread, in case you don't understand what that means, it means discussing in length something which has nothing to do with the original topic, which is exactly whats happening now.

    One more thing, if we go by your logic, everyone in this particular forum by technically "discussing the exam" is a criminal and should be denied a license.

    Oh and don't worry. So as there is no room for misinterpretation, I emailed NCSBN an hour ago to clarify.

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    I'll just leave you to your belief's for the purpose of not hijacking this thread. All I'll say is it's strange how the forum title is NCLEX Discussion Forum but according to you "you are not to discuss the test-it is a violation of the law".

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    It's still fresh in my memory the rules state not to discuss the questions before during or after the exam and I have even avoided discussing anything even the topics even to my family. However, I fail to see how stating how many questions you got when you passed is a violation of...well...anything.

    Does it help him/her pass in any way shape or form?

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    Hi guys! I just want to share something that helped me calm down before the exam. I scheduled my exam at noon and in the morning while I was waiting I played video games. No brain games, they're too distracting. I'm talking about the ones that require almost no brain power at all. I personally played Mass effect 3 multiplayer and Team fortress 2 haha. Kind of unorthodox i know, but by the time i went into the exam I was pretty relaxed.

    It worked for me maybe it'll work for you.

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    Kaplan was the most similar in terms of question structure by far. When I was taking the exam I felt like I was just doing one of their Test trainers/Q-bank tests. It made me really comfortable.

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    I used saunders as my only content book. However I did use kaplan online q trainers and qbanks for strategy and question practice. This is because although saunders is a great content book, i didn't trust some of their test taking strategies...i found some dangerously misleading.

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    Hi! I took my nclex 3 days ago and just found out yesterday that I passed on my first try at 75 questions in about 1 hour! I literally left the testing area smiling because for some reason I knew I didn't fail. Now I've been reading on some of the study habits of some of the people here and I can say that everybody is different...because, and i hope they don't take this the wrong way but i didn't do anything even remotely like the things they did (i.e. reading 4-5 different books, doing thousands upon thousands of practice questions, answering SATA specific questions).

    I had 2 1/2 months to prepare. I only used saunders for content, Kaplan online thing for questions and the Kaplan classroom class for strategy. I mustve answered at most only about 2000 questions all in all, and i slowed down near exam date. I only answered 50 questions every OTHER day about 3 weeks going into the exam. I did all their q-trainers and scored 60-69 (69 for readiness test, test 6 and test 7) but I never finished the qbank because there wasn't enough time. I also played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim about half the time i was studying haha. I even programmed a book of normal lab values into the game so I can study while playing.

    People also said don't study before the exam. Well...i studied the night before and i thank God that i did because what came out was exactly what i read up on the night before. And of course, i prayed every day...i know it's a typical thing but I really believe i wouldn't have done it without faith. By the time it was exam day, I felt I was ready.

    Everyone is different. I found my style and it worked!

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    I'm quite aware that the rule has been around awhile hence why i said reimplemented. I'm just saying, and this is purely my speculation and opinion and probably a bit of conspiracy theory but the coincidental sudden decision to enforce a rule, during a time of economic recession, and overpopulation of nurses (both US and foreign trained) especially in California, without warning or any real concrete reason, is just too convenient. I mean, Why didn't they enforce this rule when it was first written in? I apologize, again I'm admittedly biased. I'm not at all looking for an argument but somebody has to say what some of us are thinking right?

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    It's from personal experience. For me, they simply never replied. I sent my application last february and i know they got my papers because the check i sent to them was received.

    There are people from my batch that also got rejected from the lvn board but I haven't gotten in touch with the ones that applied for an lvn license lately so I can't really tell what the reason was.

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    yeah it was more or less just recently. he got his att around the same time I did two months ago. I cant say for certain exactly when he applied but he did say it took him just two months.

    Also, he left as soon as he graduated, never did the local boards.

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    this is very frightening. It means this will probably be my only chance to pass the nclex before this concurrency thing catches up to the state i applied to...

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    My friend who got rejected in california applied to nevada with relatively no problems. it took him about 2 months to get his ATT.

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    There has been no change to the concurrency issue and it only seems to be getting worse as more states are now following california's lead. Your best bet right now is to apply to a different state as the even the lvn board is doing the same thing.

    My advice to getting ahead would be to apply for the CGFNS CES since many concurrency issue-friendly states require it and it's really just paperwork and also take the TOEFL. Those two are probably the most requested documents aside from your transcript from my experience.

    Also, don't hesitate to call the state board you're applying to for clarification with regards to their requirements. Lets just say, what's written on their website isn't always accurate with regards to what their requirements really are...

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    best left to me for now

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    hi guys i'm here to give 2 cents on this so as to help people avoid what I went through.

    To make a looooooong story short:

    It took the CaBON eight months from the time i initially sent my application + extra requirements to give me my rejection letter. I never got to talk to my evaluator despite being repeatedly forwarded to her answering machine and leaving about 30 polite messages throughout the span of seven months. Not even so much as an email from her.

    I along with all 6 other US citizen batchmates that applied to california got rejected for varying reasons. Mine was that my cases didnt match the schedule thing.

    I never got a refund and they didn't return the documents.

    Total waste of time, effort (it was extremely hard to get documents from the PRC.) and money. It also caused tremendous personal strain on my family.

    I applied to a different state and got my ATT in about just 1 1/2 months. I take my NCLEX in 3 weeks and im freaking out haha. (it would have been sooner if it wasnt for, AGAIN, the PRC)

    Bottom line, California really isn't the only state in the Union. It is, however, the most overcrowded with Filipino nurses which is what I believe, is the TRUE reason why they reimplemented that ludicrous law. There are 49 other beautiful states that are more willing to give you a chance.

    And oh yeah. I also applied for an LVN license. I applied at around february. I never got a reply from them. God knows where they decided to throw my application.

    My 2 cents:
    if you did any completion duties, don't bother wasting the time and money applying to CA at this time.

    If you have a local license and are required to submit a license verification form to the state board where you are applying, send it to the PRC ASAP because from what i experienced, they seem to work only when they feel like it.
    AVOID the Philippine embassy in LA, unbelievable incompetence.
    CGFNS is probably the best way to go in terms of credentials evaluation as they got mine done in 5 days.
    Keep studying for the NCLEX even if you haven't even submitted your application because if its anything like the kaplan Qbank questions (which people say it is), it is HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD. Harder than the local boards by far!

    goodluck you guys!